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The Weapons and Abilities of 13 Ayakashi

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Chakra Strings
(4 turns) This ability is an odd sort of ability it allows for the user to cast small strings of his chakra from the tips of his fingers. Normally the strings are produced using the left hand and come from the tips of the fingers. The strings of chakra are not breakable by the use of weapons or strength. Being strings they are vulnerable to magical fires of a certain temperature. This temperature must be stated in the attack post and must be directed at the strings. Any magical flame of the temperature 1000 degrees/F or above is the only means of destroying the strings. The strings snake slowly from the left hands fingers in hair thin lines and are meant for one purpose. The thin lines glow a soft blue color and are that of the life force of the caster. The will of the caster determines the glow of the strings. Once willed from the opponents life force they will glow from a soft pulsating glow to that of a vibrant strong blue. The strings have a limit of distance of 30 feet before the effectiveness of them is null. When the caster raises his left hand and wills the life force of himself into the thin strings they will slowly snake forth through the air toward the opponent of the caster. The caster has full control of the strings, they will not flow with the wind nor will they be turned against the caster. Meant specifically to attach themselves to an opponent this is their primary function. If they reach their mark (which can be any part of the body, yet they are normally aimed at the chest cavity) they will sink through the pores of the skin painlessly. Once inside of the opponent they wrap around the organ or bone of the casters choosing. They can only wrap around the nearest organ, for example if they sink into the left side of the chest they will wrap themselves around the heart or left lung, once they have wrapped around the organ the opponent will feel nothing. The strings detach from the casters fingers and reside around the organ they have captured. At this point the caster only has to will the strings of his life force to begin constructing and the strings will begin the task. They will constrict until they are burned from the organ/bone or until the organ/bone has been sliced through. If the strings are burned out no harm to the opponent is done, yet if any other means of removal is attempted the strings will react violently and strike out at the surrounding organs lashing and whipping creating damage until the caster stops them. The turn bases as follows; turn one the strings flow from the fingers and toward the opponent. Turn two the strings have reached the opponent and are sinking into the skin (the strings can be dodged yet they are controlled individually and may be sent in various directions, it only takes one sting to do enough damage to kill or destroy). Turn three the strings are wrapping around the organ. Turn four if the caster wills it death.

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