I never knew that so many have read these entries. Forgive the hiatus, winter break took over much of my time in January and school the past weeks. As I sit here writing these out, I feel that these words come to life to form a second form, a kind of alter ego. My other friends, or fellow 'brothers' and 'sisters', have the same feeling when writing or thinking. My mentor himself claims to have many personalities running his minds, each with their distinct voice and appearance. One would think they're insane but they see it as perfectly normal and in fact beneficial. I myself had a taste of the...well ridicule of those we deem 'persona non grata'. I was minding my own business, talking to myself aloud, speaking my thoughts as I sat on a bench when a small group of girls walked passed me, bumping into my foot. They thought I was at fault and realizing I was talking to myself. They proceeded to call me freak, crazy b***h, etc, etc. Thankfully my friend Diana came up and kicked them all down, being literate in self defense methods. Crazy, insane, awkward, freak...they all mean the same yet we are to take those words and wear them with silent pride. Rather odd feeling to have at first, but I grow accustomed to it more and more with each day. It certainly helps show who are friendly and who are undesirables.
Quote of Day
"Let one vent their nonsensical anger so you can bask in the feeling of being correct." - Xavier