Just an idea I came up with after a night with zero sleep. I had a dream a long ass time ago when I was in middle school, and it was so freaking cool because it was apocalyptic. I tried writing books or stories based off of it, but I just couldn’t do it, lack of patience at that time I guess. Anyway it went something like this:

The year is 2092, the Earth is in shambles after nuclear warfare.
Humanity nears extinction, and the dead walk the Earth. Demons with
weapons that poison their victims, lifeless bodies roam the streets with one basic motive:

The setting is 16 years after the initial onset of what was supposed to be the end of the world. Humans have been pushed back to their last refuge, a city with walls so high not even a giant could see over them.

A special task force made up of youngsters of ages 16 to 25 are sent out to scavenge for food and resources bi-monthly. Each time there are many casualties. Older people, especially those that have lost a child in these missions, don’t see the point in sending out kids, but the higher power-the ‘King’ would only offer the explanation: “They are young, they are strong. They grew up in this world, they will be the ones to adapt.”
Seems legit.

A survival tale of children, growing up in a world that has no real future, a world where history and geography are pointless. The world might as well be flat.
A world without God.

Yea…so a bit heavier of an idea, needs work, but definitely a nice little plot bunny. I only remember the apocalyptic zombies from my dream--to be fair I was thirteen and it was before I’d ever seen a zombie flick, I was only reading goose bumps back then, so I’m not trying to be cliché--so the rest are from my imagination in the space of about thirty minutes. If you like this role play I’d definitely enjoy it, but only after a little bit of edits. I’d like to add some things, and maybe take some away, I don’t know.