Apparently it's going to be tradition for me to log onto this site every two years, because here I am again! (This time it was for entertainment during one of the rare boring nothing-to-do days in college.) Yes, you read that right. I am one of probably nine college kids still playing this game. If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of no-life.

I'm not sure if it's ironic, but I noticed that my avatar I made in seventh grade (Is that how long it's been? who knows anymore) carries two beaching swords! I love swords! It's funny because I'm in the fencing club at my college (okay, so it's not funny, but bear with me.) And no, I'm not good. In fact, I suck, although I did almost beat my "Pretty Damn Good Friend"/fencing club president when he wasn't trying. Again, you did read that right: the college kid playing gaia is NOT a forever alone (There's hope for all you nerds out there! Someday you'll find a nerd just like yourself out with?) My goodness, I use a lot of parenthesis.

Life is good. Better than it was, at least. College is the shiz, but naps are mandatory.

Also, my old poetry sucks. My new poetry is even worse. I am not a poet. And I know it. wink

See you in two years!