Well I'm still reeling from yesterday. It's been a better day for sure. Getting things off of my chest really makes me feel invigorated! I managed to write another half page. I have always been too quick with writing. Even when I was in high school I could whip out a paper in about a half hour. However, my fingers tend to get sloppy when I type at the speed of light biggrin It's always been a problem of mine.
Anyway, since I feel like this may have been way too quickly (even though I used pen and paper today) I might go back and edit this when it finally get to the final draft. I want to somehow add more detail without bogging it down. Has anyone read "The Scarlet Letter?" that...is a book that has too much detail.

“It might as well have been! If I hadn’t lost control of my temper, the support beam wouldn’t have fallen on him! Why else would the order have found it necessary to hunt me down to the edge of the system?” Kairos said, his voice echoing hallow fury.
“What did he say to anger you?” Fairen asked somberly.

“He told me it was no use staying at the academy to teach, and that since no one could account for my outburst during the last attack, they were going to send me away. That’s when I lost my temper. When I fled, I stole two ships, and sent the Sith the coordinates of the new planet so they could establish their new academy.” Kairos leaned forward towards Fairen’s reflection. “They’ve been more help to me than anyone in the order, and when you didn’t follow, I assumed you had abandoned me.

He regained his posture, unlaced his fingers, and gestured his arm across the room. “However, here you are Fairen, and welcome to your new home.”

He repositioned his hands behind his back, and turned to face Fairen.
“It’s been about two months, and I’ve missed you.” He purred.