I'm not sure how long ago it was that I started playing Final Fantasy VII, but I've almost beaten the game, and learned alot about Cloud's story... Cloud has always been a huge inspirational figure in my mind, but I never even knew his story. Now, I'm nearing the end of the story, and some nostalgic music is playing (from when I started playing it)... and, here I am, drinking Monster Energy, while playing it, just like the first time I ever played! =D
I dedicate this can of Lo-Carb Monster Energy to Final Fantasy VII! >:U
Down the hatch! >=o
But in all seriousness, Final Fantasy VII is one of the inspirations down at the very base of my entire imagination, because my brother showed me Cloud when I was little, and explained bits of him to me, and ever since then, Cloud has been a huge figure in my mind... but only now, like eight years later, have I actually seen the real story for myself. It's changed my image of Cloud completely... and not in a bad way. It's actually much better... I know Cloud's actual story, I know the stories of everyone else now, too. Plus, I was inspired to start writing a story I had been planning for over a year and a half... the inspiration started when I began playing Final Fantasy XIII, and it rekindled all of the inspirations that Final Fantasy created way back when I was little. After all the time, Final Fantasy VII kicked me into writing my most recent story, "Phobia".
In a way... it's the end of an era. My brother's long gone, now. He's actually not even my real brother... but, I inherited his love for Final Fantasy VII. I have surpassed him! >=o
Haha, to an outside observer, everything I'm saying is so pointless... but, I made this entry, because in a way, this is still like a diary to me. Yeah... I said diary. Why you hatin'? >:U
No! Seriously. This story means so much to me, and it's coming to an end. I made this entry to mark the eve of Final Fantasy VII's end. So, I shall drink Monster, play it... beat it. Finish "Phobia", I hope... I really, really hope. Next, I'll play Final Fantasy VIII, which was just as much a part of my childhood as Final Fantasy VII... but, for some reason, I clung to Final Fantasy VII more.