My contract was supposed to end in the end of January.
But then my contract was continued by two more weeks to go through everything with the IT guy I had been covering for. Then the IT guy left again and my contract was continued with another two weeks. I'm halfway through that contract and today we made another contract for whole March. :/ I was looking forward to just slacking off for a while.
But it means I can afford buying MORE STUFF for one more month!
So... Onto the stuff I've bought since last entry.

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Let's start off with another bit pervy purchase.
Highschool of the Dead is one of the anime that I watched with my anime buddies I met at military service. It's obviously an zombie action anime with obviously a lot of fan-service, to pretty uncomfortable extend really. Now that I don't need to worry about returning to military service, I'm starting feel little nostalgic, so figured I'd buy the blu-ray since they're really cheap. Amazon suggested manga omnibus and I ended up ordering it with the blu-ray. Behind the dust sleeve there's a poster that's NOT going to my wall and uncensored coverart.

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Little known fact (not really) about me is that I like Tekken and original Tag Tournament was my favorite so Tekken Hybrid was something that I intended to get long time ago. After a long time of not ordering it, I finally did order it from Amazon. Tekkens has pretty nice collector's editions with neat artbooks and multi-disc soundtracks IN THEIR OWN CASES! And not just a lousy selected tracks. FULL SOUNDTRACKS! Tag 2 came with full OST + Remix CDs and Hybrid came with full OST + Full Tag 2 OST (which I didn't expect. Now I have two Tekken Tag Tournament 2 OST CDs). Oh, and Hybrid also has the CGI movie.

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After buying couple artbooks, I was itching to get a hefty Final Fantasy one.
I found out that books can be ordered from Japanese Amazon, so I ordered these.
They're not quite what I expected, but I still like them a lot.

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And while in topic of Final Fantasy, my copy of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII arrived.
This was exclusive to Square's North American online store that didn't ship worldwide so getting it was bit tricky. I work in international company and I work with a lot of Americans and Canadians on daily basis so I figured that would be my way to get it. I ended up asking my manager in United States that I talk to almost daily and he let me order it to his home address and then he forwarded it to me. Shipping cost A LOT more than I anticipated (more than the game itself cost), but he had slipped it in with company mail so in the end I didn't need to pay it. Which I feel kinda bad for. It's a pretty neat collection at least. I expected bit more from the artbook and while I know that Square would've cheaped out with the soundtrack if one was included, I'm still bit disappointed that one wasn't included. I was bit torn that I couldn't redeem the code for Cloud Strife costume for Lightning (Or CE's Aeris costume) with my European PSN account. But you can just make a US account to access American PSN and all content is shared with all users on the console so I could still get it.

Also a thing that US account enables is that I can buy US PSN currency cards online and actually buy stuff from the marketplace that isn't available in European PSN. There's quite a few classics that I intend to buy from there. Like Chrono Cross which I don't think was ever even released in Europe.

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And FINALLY I got something that I was at one point dying to get. I really love the cards and poker chips and the Platinum Chip. <3 The comic book is a lot shorter than I expected, it really didn't need to be hardcover. Other than that, there's not much to say.

I'm starting to feel like that maybe I have enough Fallout New Vegases now. Maybe.

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Oh! And I bought Nintendo 2DS. It was on sale for half the price, so only 70 euros. I like it.

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Also, I found out about a Firefox and Chrome add-on that let's you easily mask yourself so sites would think I'm accessing them from US or other country. Internet is pretty neat without regional restrictions. : D Now I can access American, Canadian or Whateverian version of Netflix! NA has tons of anime in there and from Canadian Netflix, I was able to watch the newest Start Trek movie, which I really liked. First Star Trek thing I watched from start to finish.

From NA Netflix I watched show named Bob's Burgers. Main character was voiced by H. Jon Benjamin who I loved as Sterling Archer (from Archer) and one of main characters kids was voiced by Kristen Schaal (Mable from Gravity Falls), so that got me really excited. I really liked it at first too, but after some episodes I just felt pretty meh about it. They only had two of the four seasons and I don't know if I'm going to ever watch the rest of it.

And I'm still reading comics on my iPod. I've gotten up to Volume 16 of Fables albums (in other words I've read it up to issue #107) and I'm still loving it. And in The Walking Dead I just read issue #116. My interest in the comic (and the TV show) is fading. Y: The Last Man I haven't read further more than just one issue.


I've extended my Top 20 VGM list by adding runner-ups to some spots.
I figured, why not post it here. (I have no idea if videos work here though)
01. Mega Man 3 - Title Theme

Runner-ups: MM9 - Splash Blue, MM10 - Roll's Gift

02. Metal Gear Solid 4 - Metal Gear Saga

Runner-ups: MGS3 - Way To Fall, MGS3 - Snake Eater, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Vocal soundtrack

03. Final Fantasy IV DS - Opening Theme

Runner-ups: FFVII - Cid's Theme, FFVII - Aeris' Theme, FFVI - Terra's Theme, FFIVDS - Battle with Golbeza's Four Emperors

04. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - Trailer song (Don't Want You No More)

Runner-ups: LoZ 2 - The Great Palace, OoT - Kepora Gebora's Theme, WW - Farewell Hyrule King, PH - Linebeck's Theme, ST - Before the Final Battle, SS - Main Theme, Every version of the Great Fairy Fountain track

05. No More Heroes 2 - Philistine

Runner-ups: The Virgin Child Makes Her Wish Without Feeling Anything, N.M.H.

06. Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice - A New Trial is in Session

Runner-ups: AAI: Kay Faraday - The Great Truth Burglar, AA5: Yuri Cosmos - Head of the Center of the Universe, AA5: Pursuit ~ Keep Presisng On

07. Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix - Spittin' Narcissism (Vega's Theme)

Runner-ups: Army Girl (Cammy), Clamato Fever, Theme of C. Viper

08. Ninja Gaiden - Basilisk Mine Field

09. Super Mario 64 - Ultimate Bowser

Runner-ups: SML - Birabuto Kingdom, SMRPG - Beware the Forest's Mushrooms, SM3DW - Castle, SM3DW - World Bowser

10. God Hand - Ending Credits

11. Super Smash Bros Brawl - Intro

12. Kingdom Hearts - Hikari -KINGDOM Orchestra Intstrumental Version-

Runner-ups: KH2 - Ursula's Revenge, KH2FM - The Other Promise

13. Portal 2 - Cara Mia Addio

Runner-ups: Still Alive, Want You Gone

14. Professor Layton - The Unwound Future

Runner-ups: Curious Village - Professor Layton's Theme

15. Mass Effect - Spectre Induction

Runner-ups: ME2 - Suicide Mission, ME3 - An End Once And For All

16. Chrono Trigger - Frog's Theme

Runner-ups: Epoch - Wings of Time, Robo's Theme

17. Madworld - Look Pimpin!

Runner-ups: So Cold

18. Far Cry 3

19. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - Arthur's Theme (Haunted Graveyard)

20. Splatterhouse - This story is happy end?

Honorable Mention(s):
Plants vs Zombies - Zombies On Your Lawn
Double Dragon Neon - End Credits (Dared to Dream)
Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure - Banson's Aria
Persona 3 FES - Opening

I've had fun taking pictures of my game collection and I like piling stuff up, so I took couple group pictures of collector's edition (and some non-CE) stuff that I've gathered in last couple of years.
User Image
Soundtrack CDs. It's missing another Dark Souls soundtrack and I should've put the Bioshock Vinyl in the background...

User Image
Artbooks from the side.

User Image
Artbooks from the front.

UPDATE March 5th, 2014

Got some books from Japan. I guess artbooks are now officially a thing that I kind of collect.
Wow, DHL is such a fast courier service. I ordered these on Sunday, they were shipped from Japan on Monday and they arrived on Wednesday.

I got more of the moe monster encyclopedias from couple updates ago. One of Yokais and other of sea monsters.
I originally only thought about ordering the Yokai one, but I ordered them from a store where they cost half as much as I got the first one for, so why not get two. I'm really liking these books.
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Also bought Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Groundworks book. Holy crap is it beautiful.
I wasn't quite sure how much I would like an artbook like this, but it's definitely one of my favorites.
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Click the images for a bigger picture.