Okay so this idea came to me a few years back. It was inspired by a role play I was in when I first started out on a different site, before I discovered the glory that is gaia, I was maybe fifteen and that was my first REAL intro to role playing and it really got me into the game.
This role play could be done as a {group} or a {1x1}, It just depends on what you're into. Personally, I hate starting group role plays because it's so hard to recruit people that will actually post and NOT leave you hanging. If you're reading this and you've been an active role player for a while then yea, you know how it is. Okay well here goes:

"The Cage"

It is our home, our sanctuary, and our final resting place. We have never known freedom, and we stay here in complete ignorance of what the outside world is like. The few times we are allowed out to meet sponsors, we are in chains as we are considered deadly.
People have many different emotions about us. They love us, hate us, respect us, and hate us. We are considered cold blooded, and maybe some of us are, but a lot of us aren't. You can tell by their eyes, whether or not a fighter can feel regret.
Most of us were traded by our families for money. Maybe our parents thought we'd end up in servitude of a noble as maids or stable boys, but that was hopeful thinking.
Many were taken from their villages and forced to be here by illegal slave traders...yea those didn't usually last long. They keep hoping to be rescued. Poor saps.
Then there are the rare few that chose to be here. Those are the cold blooded ones. They live for killing, but they didn't want to risk being thrown in a dungeon for committing the crime, so they chose to stay in this place, that is no better than a prison if you ask me.
Our quarters barely have any privacy. It's an open place with bars keeping us in, and a curtain that spans all the way around so that we can change without everyone seeing everything. I guess that's a small bit of kindness...

"The Price of Freedom"

There is only one way out of the cage. If a sponsor or a kind rich person decides you might make a good slave-you can imagine the kind-they buy you for however much gold your current 'master' deems you are worth. It had only happened a handful of times, and when I say handful, I mean only about 25 out of the 600 fighters have ever been sold. It was so rare no one ever hoped for it, and hardly anyone would hope for that anyway, because we don't know what happens to those 'lucky' few. For all we know it's a ruse and we are killed anyway after being teased with the thought of being out of this hell.

The fighter is sold to a noble from out of town. This noble was looking for a body guard and decided there was none better than someone who was trained to kill if necessary, and so when he/she heard of the cage, he/she attended the fight and watched breathlessly as the main character (can be a guy or a girl) took on a fighter twice his/her size. It wasn't a pretty sight, but the noble had made his/her choice. This fighter would be his/hers.
When the fighter took in his/her new master they don't know what to think. Obviously the noble is weak in comparison, but they don't look at the fighter with disgust so that might be a good sign.

>>Okay that's all I got for this one so far. I say they could be a guy or a girl because this will have romance in it, and it depends on my partner's preference. I said this could be a {group} or {1 x 1} because you can add in more fighters and nobility if you want to extend the story that far. Keep in mind though, Groups can become a little frustrating if someone unexpectedly drops out on you.
Regardless, I can play the fighter or the noble, just let me know what you want to do.