Ok so I've had this little plot bunny stored away in my head for quite some time now, and I feel like it's time to-hopefully-do something with it. This is an end of the world type role play, but with a twist, I would prefer to play the girl if I were ever to get to do this role play, but I can double so that shouldn't be too big of an issue if it even is one. So here goes:

"The world is rotting."

Society is corrupted by sex, drugs, and hate. Children are left parentless on the streets and in orphanages, the results of prostitutes who never wanted children and the parents who were unfortunate enough to contract the plague and pass away, leaving their young to face the dying planet on their own.
"Destroy it."

The underworld is in shambles. The king distraught over his sick wife, Terra. With every vile deed done to the earth, to other people, she falls more and more ill. The good in people was declining, so there was nothing to balance it out.
Angered by the humans careless nature, the king sends his son to destroy it, not realizing that there may be another option.
The queen stops her son and tells him of a prophecy she had heard when she was a millennium younger.

"The Prophecy"

An old woman stood in the middle of the town square, waiting to be hanged for her 'witch craft.' Back then people did not revel in the arts of fortune telling, it was considered a horrible, sinful craft. The woman steps forward and sighs sadly, and delivers one last vision. 'The Earth will die. You will kill it. There will be a demon sent to destroy us all, but not all is lost. Should love prevail, the world will be changed as we know it. Be kind to your fellow man, for whoever the demon should fall in love with, will decide your fate.'
With those last words, she was dropped from the gallows with a sickening crack, and Terra couldn't take her eyes off the woman's lifeless body. She would always remember those words...

"The Girl"

The girl who the prophecy spoke of was a mere orphan. A child born from the rape of a maid by a noble that she worked for. Her mother died during childbirth, and she didn't know who her father was. All she knew was that she was never accepted in her mother's family and was told daily how worthless she was, but that she was lucky they chose to let her stay in their home instead of with the urchins.
She hates the world as it is, and constantly imagines a different time, one that she reads about in her books that she keeps hidden from her cousins. She wasn't supposed to know how to read, and she didn't know how she'd started, but she did. If her family found out she knew anything that made her remotely intelligent they would ridicule her, possibly out of jealousy.
Every chance she got she helped the children on the streets, giving them what little money she saved, or maybe a smidgeon of food that she could grab, and the few times she was caught helping them she was punished severely for stealing it from the kitchens.

>>Well that's pretty much all I got for this right now, but if anyone's interested, PM me <3