Well, I had a discussion with an important person. It was long due, and I feel better. I still have to do even more difficult things in the coming weeks, and It doesn't help I'm trying to graduate on top of all this.

I have had a slurry of feelings for a while now, and I was beyond relieved to finally express them. I can't even begin to describe how I have felt.

Your wry smile causes my own heart to back-flip,
and the graceful demeanor you have is beyond that of mortals.
You're quick to catch on to my obscure jokes, and you're probably the only person who has been able to follow along when I do so.
I still remember the way your eyes sparkled when you held my chin, and your compliments were sweeter than honey.

The road ahead is dangerous, and terrifying. I'm going to be strong, but please know that it will take time. I understand you have your own obstacles, and I support you. Just know, that when I sing now, I'll be thinking of you.