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The things that flew out of my head...

White Rider Pestilence
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Dead Nest - Malaria
Silvia: /dismounts her dragon ride/ /they are now in front of a rocky field/ /in the center of the area is a pit that looks similar to a huge anthill/ /that is the entrance to the monster nest/ /there are rocks around it, as well as scattered skeletons and weapons/ /this field looks like a battle had taken place here over one hundred years ago/ /which, is exactly what happened/ /after that, the nest had been cleared of monsters and remained "dead" for years/ /though, the recent violence and mass slaughtering of mortals in the area has started to become something worth being concerned over/ /many have been killed/ /takes a deep, calming breath once her hooves hit the grassy floor/ /relaxing herself/ /it has been awhile since she has visited a nest like this/ /looks at the white haired man who is accompanying her, if possible/ Makarioa! Did you want to stay out here, or enter the "dead nest" with me? /she would like him to go with her, because she is a bit worried.../ /but, it is up to him, in the end/ /they would have eaten not too long ago/ /she took a lot of breaks on the way/

Makarioa: /dismounts his steed close to where Silvia had dismounted the dragon/ /saw no reason to walk, he mind as well conserve his energies/ /his body is not necessarily kind to him/ /had Silvia been walking, he would have opted to walk beside her, rather than on his horse/ /unless.. he had a major difficultly walking on his legs/ /taking a good look, with his lone eye, at their surroundings after getting off of his horse/ /he has become more accustomed to only having one eye/ /thinking less than he had been in the following years about needing his other eye/ /although it does leave a quite a blind spot for him/ /looks at Silvia when she says his name/ I will go.. with you. /taking a semi-deep breath before he speaks/ /he would rather not let her go in alone.. even though he knows she would likely be fine on her own/ One never knows what they might find.. /taking a step closer to the nest/ /not very eager to go in, but this is not a feeling out of fear... no/

Silvia: /steps away from the Earth King/ /removing her hands from his rough body/ /takes the staff from her back, has been keeping it there/ /feels it may be best to have it in her hands when she enters the nest/ /just in case she is attacked/ /smiles calmly at Makarioa when he answers her/ /seems to be in a decent mood/ /looking back at her companion/ /turns to face him/ /previously, she had her back to him/ Thank you for coming with me. I greatly appreciate it. /you didn't have to you know../ /though, it certainly makes me happier than you did/ Oh, if possible... Do not bring death or fatal injury upon any of the monsters within the nest. I merely wish to drive them out, that is... If it truly contains monsters once again.. /knows she probably does not need to say this to him/ /he knows how she is by now.../ /but, just in case/ /glances back towards the nest/ Are you ready? /she is now holding her staff in her right hand/ /one can never be too careful../ /she is expecting the worst of what could happen, to make sure she is prepared/

Makarioa: /would have taken a quiver full of arrows before leaving their home/ /his wooden bow had been seemingly misplaced, and not easily replaced/ /one might say Amable had accidentally broken it at some point/ /Silvia would know the bow is gone/ /however the quiver of arrows would still be very useful/ /the less magic he would have to use/ Aye. /slightly smiling/ I am glad to come with you. Where ever that may be. /he would always like to travel with her, yet at times he cannot/ /thinking about whether or not to summon his bow right this second/ /it does not take a lot of magic to do so, nor any to maintain/ /it is the magic arrows that tend to take tolls on him/ ..I will be sure not to bring them unnecessary harm. /he does know her feelings on hurting living creatures, which is nearly like his own feelings towards the subject/ /he would prefer to put his enemies to sleep than hurt them, in most cases/ /anything but bring the to their final moments, unless it was absolutely necessary/ /Silvia is likely to know this about him/ Shall I follow you? /extending his left hand from his body, not entirely extending his arm, after he asks the question/ /a light colored wooden bow quickly materializes in his hand/ /it has a better feel to hold to him, compared to any other bow he may carry/ /it also appears to be possibly lacking in a string, even though the bow looks as it should for a stringed bow/
Silvia: Thank you, Makarioa. /looking at the nest/ /and the countless skeletons that decorate the ground around it/ /the grass is green here, but there are a few decayed patches/ /most of these are covered with rotting corpses/ /the inside of the nest will be, most likely, the same as the outside in this way/ /Silvia is not fond of things like this/ /but, the goddess will do what she must/ /her fellow goddesses asked her to check this nest, and she will try not disappoint her sisters/ /they rarely ask things of her/ /the least she could do is successfully complete the things they ask her to work on/ /smiles/ Yes. /not looking at him when she says this/ /would suggest that Ektoras could come with them inside the nest, since, there is enough room/ /but, she feels the horse may like it better outside, where there is grass to eat/ /starts to walk towards the nest/ /will be leaving her dragon outside/ I wonder how deep this one goes... /thinking about it/ /glances back at Makarioa/ Have you ever been inside of a monster nest? /she is now curious/ /they may very well be something that only exists in Verhtale.../ /it is not like they are a common place for monsters to live, after all/

Makarioa: /nods in acknowledgement to her thanking him again/ ..You're welcome. /even though he does not feel /pulls an arrow out of the quiver on his back, knocking it on his bow/ /but not pulling the "string" back/ /hoping he is not going to have to use, or waste the arrow as he does so/ I have never been to such a place, I do not go seeking them out. I do not often deal with monsters. /usually it is someone else who would deal with these things/ /he does not usually deal with monsters unless he needs to/ /he is tasked with other things, such as maintaining the living/ Is there... Anything that should be expected when walking in? /feeling a need to ask, would be best to be prepared than not to be/ /though they could perhaps handle the situation without/ /no matter what is inside/ /he has been feeling some pain in his body, but at this time he is choosing to ignore it/ /he knows full well what will happen if he is doing that/ /it has yet to become anything concern-able to himself, or hinder him at all/ /his definition of "concern-able" has shifted in the past years/ /a little more so in the past year/ /shifted for the best/ /looks away from the nest, to Silvia/ /not feeling certain he has seen her use the staff in her hands/ /she does look beautiful.../

Silvia: /walking towards the nest, slowly/ /doesn't look back at Makarioa when he speaks/ /and this will not change when she answers him/ /would have listened to all of what he said before speaking/ It is quite a bit like a large ant nest. There are separate rooms and maze-like passageways. They are usually dark on the inside, very dark. /luckily, I know some magic that could light our path if it is dark inside/ I would stay alert inside the nest, even if it is most likely dead. Monsters could easily ambush us in their home territory. It would not be good if they ended up landing a hit on one of us. /especially if it was something serious.../ /glances back at him as she walks/ /didn't expect him to be looking at her/ /staring at him now/ Though... I have a feeling things will go smoothly. /smiles warmly/ /her voice has been rather smooth and light/

Makarioa: /at least if they need somewhere to hide, there seems to be rooms for such/ /but it is likely it will not come to that/ Ah.. /his expression is unreadable while he is looking at her/ /that is nothing new/ /perhaps unreadable isn't quite the best word/ /as there is some pleasantness in his own expression/ /though that does not define his mood/ /nods in response to what she had say last/ /ponders briefly about asking if she would rather not lead the way/ /only coming to the conclusion that he would be best at a farther distance, if they did come across anything/ /gritting his teeth soon after speaking/ /not noticeably/ /caused by a feeling of pain/ /takes a deep breath after doing so/ /is quite ready to follow her into the nest/ /not going to bring up the spike if pain he had felt/ /had looked toward the nest when he had asked his next question/

Silvia: /looks back ahead of herself after he nods/ /her smile still lingering/ /glances around at the scenery that surrounds her/ /there are large rocks and skeletons for as far as the eye can see/ /it looks like this nest could have been filled with some powerful monsters in the past/ /creatures capable of taking down entire armies/ /most of the skeletons are humanoid.../ /which, could lead one to believe the monsters had killed all these people/ /very few of the skeletons outside look like they could belong to anything but a human or elf/ /the corpses reflect that same species anatomy, though, they are far more rare to see around here/ /most of the dead bodies have been here for centuries... so they would have been reduced to bones years ago/ /slows her walking a little bit, waiting until she is at Makarioa's side/ /she would then begin to walk at his pace, staying near him/ /glances down at his hands/ /oh... they are occupied../

Makarioa: /continues following behind her/ /not bothered by doing so, as stated before/ /his thoughts are becoming scarce/ /as he is starting to be more observant of where they are, due to the reasons that there may be monsters here/ /it would be best if he is paying mind to his surroundings/ /as he looks at the things around him, he wonders what kind of things had lived in this place/ /his curiosity is not enough to ask about it/ /besides, what if something were to happen or come near if they had been speaking?/ /maybe he is putting too much thought into it/ /he had started walking around her own pace, so she would not have slow down very much/ /glances at Silvia once she is beside him, not having totally expected this/ /he is however expecting her to lead the way/ /his glance is brief/
Silvia: /within about twenty-five minutes they have finally hit flat ground/ /the path before was long and somewhat narrowly sloped/ /it is not as dark as it could be just yet, but it may soon become pitch black around them/ /so, Silvia feels it would be best if she made them a dependable light source now/ /holds her staff out, lighting up the crystal at the top of it/ /this would provide them a bright circle of light to surround them/ /while a light may attract attention, it is also required for them if they want to be able to see inside the deeper parts of the nest/ /looks at Makarioa, she had them stop for a second before, so, they would both be standing at this time/ Now, let us head further inside. /smiles before looking back ahead of herself/ /starts walking further inside the nest/ /her pace is slow, so it should be easy for Makarioa to follow her/ /or, walk at her side/ /the path is wide enough for that/ /she would have been at this side before, but he now has the choice to return to that or follow behind her/ /briefly glances back at him/ Oh, yes, Makarioa? If at any point you would like to rest, please tell me. I am in no hurry to finish searching this place thoroughly, we have time to eat and take breaks while we complete this task.

Makarioa: /would have been keeping close to Silvia as she walks/ /not having slowed his pace at all since they had started walking/ /it is not so bad to keep walking at this pace/ I could keep going.. /not particularly wanting to stop, or feeling enough of his own pain to rest right now/ /after he says this, he wonders if it would be a good idea to rest/ /perhaps after a little ways more inside/ /What does she mean about breaks? How large is this place../ ..How large to these nests tend to be? /has not changed how he has been holding the bow and arrow in his hands/ /will make a mention of when he might wish to rest/ /but for now he will keep walking near Silvia/ /hopefully there isn't anything that would come around that would try to kill them../ /by the way she made it sound, this place was very large/ /he is hoping it does not seem to be this way/

Silvia: /looks away again, focusing on where she is walking/ Oh, I see, that is good to know. /she is always glad to know how he is doing/ /she is still walking as she speaks, hoping to finish this task earlier than she had planned/ /she would have probably mentioned that this may take a whole day to complete before they arrived/ /but, she may mention it again soon/ /does not look back at Makarioa, though, her smile can be heard in her voice/ This nest is not terribly big for a monster nest... Though, many of them can take up the ground underneath entire forests and fields. They can sometimes even run for miles underground. /thinking about it while she pays attention to the dirt around them/ /this helps her determine the size of the nest they are currently in/ I believe it would only take until nightfall to have searched it thoroughly and returned to the surface. /which, is not very long at all/ That time estimation has rest stops and eating breaks included. /it is not like we can walk for several hours straight or anything, it would be ridiculous to assume that../ /she has planned ahead, and Maka would know about this/ /there is food in her bag/

Makarioa: /beginning to feel like he may not want to keep carrying a bow like this/ /and it if is going to be until nightfall../ /if he had let it go, then perhaps../ Ah.. What types of creatures live in these places? /the size of that she mentioned makes him wonder/ /with a thought the bow de-materializes from his hold, the bow giving a faint light off before flickering away as he "rids" himself of it/ /but the arrow remaining in his right hand/ /going to keep it in his hand, in case he does happen to need his bow/ /that would be easily summoned to himself/ /which means he will have be evermore observant of the darkness than before/ /hopefully this choice will not cost him anything later on../ /he is contemplating to take Silvia's hand in his own, that is not easily done if he is holding a bow and arrow in his hands/ /glances at the closest hand to him, hopefully her right hand is at least empty/ /it would be more convenient for him to take that hand of hers../ /to see if it happens to be free/ /even though Silvia had thought about this same thing earlier, he would not have known/ /it could make the time go by faster if they were perhaps closer.../ /this is world seems quite different than my own../ /most different/
song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-JeAW2Y_AeY

Silvia: /Silvia's right hand is empty, and her staff is in her left/ /he is allowed to take her hand, if he would like to/ /it is most likely within reach to him/ /looks at Makarioa before speaking/ /her smile still lingers/ Many types. I have seen some goblins, mini dragons, lizardmen and even elemental beasts live in this kind of home. In my younger days, I used to visit monster nests a lot... /thinks about this for a moment/ /wondering if she should go off topic and explain why she visited them a lot or not/ /going for the later at this time/ I have seen countless monster species make these connected, underground dens their home. This nest may be empty... Though, I feel there is something living in here... Something that is not naturally born in this area of Verhtale.. Perhaps it could be-- /hears someone shouting her title from deeper inside the nest/ /looks ahead of herself again, noticing an elf man with lilac hair/ Orswald, hello. /seems surprised to see him/

Orswald: /was told by Kaeth to go check on the troops that were left outside/ /though, to his surprise, he found the earth goddess standing in his path/ /waves to her for a moment/ Miss Earth Goddess!! /looks at if he could burst into happy tears at any moment/ /starts towards her at a quicker pace than he had been using previously/ /stops when he is only a foot away from her(she would have stopped when he got close), not paying any attention to Makarioa at this time/ My, my... It is delightful to see you here. I believe it must have been fate that has brought us together once again. /smiling calmly down at her/ /moves to take both her hands, or just one if Makarioa had already snatched the other/ /keeping her staff in mind when he does this/ You look enchanting, Goddess Silvia... Absolutely stunning. /his gloved hands are cold, but soft/ /this would make Silvia wonder if it gets colder when you delve deeper into the nest/ So, are you also here to search for the monsters that may reside within this nest? /has yet to even notice Makarioa, this is how little he cares about him/

Makarioa: /would have listened to every word Silvia had been saying, wanting to ask something else now.../ /decides to put the arrow into the quiver/ /not really wanting to hold onto it without the bow in his other hand/ /deciding afterwards he would like to take her hand, only his thoughts stray at the notice of someone coming along/ /would have stopped walking when Silvia had/ /not having a reason to keep walking/ /his thoughts still linger in his mind, left un-acted upon/ /leaving Orswald with the chance to take both of Silvia's hands/ /his expression is the same as it usually is, despite how one could feel in this situation/ /He seems enthusiastic.. Perhaps it is because of who she is../ /However I am not so sure that is entirely so../ /his feelings are somewhere between indifferent and unsatisfied with this thought/ /takes a deep, necessary, breath/ /letting it out slowly/ /wonders if he should have kept his bow in hand now/ /it would have given him something to lean on/ /however it might seem like he is threatening this elf if he were to summon it to him again/ ..Yes. That is why we are here. /his tone has no notable differences when he speaks, he is speaking loud enough that he should be heard, not speaking any louder than moments ago/ /taking another deep breath/ /his breathing feels pained, in his lungs/ /this is nothing new to him/ /if the air becomes colder, it may feel worse for him to breath/

Orswald: /looks at Makarioa when another voice answers his last question, a voice he has yet to hear/ /ah... I almost overlooked this... interesting fellow/ /smiles, even if he does not know this man/ Oh, how terribly rude of me... I do not believe we have met, have we? My name is Orswald Vantaur of Malsidhe. /used to mentioning his village, as he is usually running errands for his homeland/ Would you mind giving me your name as well? Any friend of the earth goddess is a friend of mine. /will wait until he has gotten Makarioa's name before he looks at Silvia/ /and if he wasn't given a name after a minute or so, he would start to focus on Silvia again anyway/ I wouldn't mind explaining our findings to you, Goddess Silvia. There is a lot of information that I believe you may be interested in. /hm../ /glances down at her hands/ /they are rather delicate../ /I would have expected them to be more callused after watching her fight/ /how often does she train?/ /I wonder.../ /if only I could have a little more time to talk with her alone.../ /rubs the back of her right hand with his thumb/ /still holding both of them in his gloved grasp/ Perhaps you could accompany Kaeth and I? /looks away from Silvia, glancing at the white-haired man near them/ Both of you may.

Silvia: /seems surprised when the elf man takes her hands, hadn't expected him to/ Ah, thank you. It is nice to see you as well, Orswald. /smiles up at him/ /Silvia would ignore the part about "fate", because she cannot quite see it as something that she should be replying to/ /currently the shortest person around/ /which, is rather normal for her/ Thank you. /replying to his compliments/ /appreciates them/ /glances down at his hands for a moment, noticing that they are very cold/ /does it get colder as one travels further into this nest?/ /perhaps I should ask him.../ /looks at Makarioa when he answers Orswald/ /smiles, looking back at the elf afterwards/ /waits for him to look at her again, listening to his words before she replies/ Do you know if there are monsters in this nest? If so, would you happen to have any information on them? I would greatly appreciate anything you could do to help. /if I am going to be encouraging the monsters to leave this place... I would like to know as much as possible before I find them/ Of course, we would love to accompany you... /including Makarioa in her plans, hoping that he will stay with her/ /she doesn't want to be alone with the elves if she doesn't have to be/ /if I stay with them and I am able to find all the answers I seek... this duty could be completed much faster/

Makarioa: /keeps his gaze on the elf when he speaks/ /wondering how long he is going to keep holding Silvia's hands/ I am Makarioa. /cringes after saying his name, it doesn't seem to be anything to severe/ ..Bearer of all disease. /this is the closest he feels that he should say of who he is on this world/ /feeling he should say this to perhaps prevent being treated as a normal sickly person/ /there is a small chance he had said this for an entirely different reason/ /it wouldn't be clear if it was/ Pleasure meeting you.. /he says with a pained breath/ /his gaze moves to Silvia when she speaks, he fully intends to accompany her where she may be going/ /that was his only purpose of being here/ /it would serve him no purpose of leaving her side../ ... /as usually he does not have much to say at this moment, nothing he is willing to say/ /as he is not being spoken to, he has even less need to speak/ /he sees no need to say anything about him coming with Silvia, as he would go with her either way/ /unless of course she did not want him to/ /but may wish to sit down sometime soon/

Orswald: Ah, yes. It is a pleasure to meet you as well, Makarioa. /he says before looking back at Silvia/ /was hardly paying attention to the man/ /Orswald only really caught his name.../ /the goddess is the one he is focusing on/ Yes, Goddess, there are monsters. I was hoping you would ask about them~ /still holding her hands in his firm, yet comfortable, grip/ Wyverns live within this nest. I believe you are well-acquainted with this species? They are your classic green wyvern. Though, even the young ones possess a poisonous bite. /luckily.. the young do not possess fire breath, so, they are not as hard to deal with as the adolescent and adult members/ Kaeth has been having a hard time taking them out. /though, I doubt you would want any of them to be killed.../ /perhaps if you reach her quickly, you can stop the slaughter at only a few dozen deaths?/ /chuckles a bit at his thoughts/ /leans closer to her/ You would? That's wonderful! /glances at Makarioa, briefly/ /I was hoping she would send him back../ /despite his thoughts, he appears happy/

Silvia: /listens to him/ /her expression shows that she is feeling content, though... she isn't smiling at this time/ /so they are wyverns.../ /it will be difficult for me to remove them peacefully if Kaeth continues to scare them../ /they will be more likely to attack me if they are afraid and fighting for their lives/ /I may have to put them to sleep../ /this is a shame, wyverns can be easily tamed if they are not thrown into a panic/ /I do hope she hasn't killed many of them, if any at all.../ /sighs, seeming troubled by this/ Please, take me to Kaeth as quickly as possible. I must stop her from exterminating them. /this is unacceptable/ /I now see why they have been attacking people.../ /they must have sent warriors here to kill the wyverns before the attacks on the villages took place/ /the poor misunderstood creatures could have taken a bit of their livestock../ /an attack like that would terrify them.. if they were that desperate for food/ /Silvia now appears very serious, if not the slightest bit angry/ /wyverns are highly intelligent and prefer animal meat to human flesh... they, most likely, wouldn't attack a village if they did not feel threatened/ /I hope I can help them relocate../

Orswald: /nods, smiling/ Of course, we will go to Kaeth immediately. /pauses, remembering what he wanted to ask her/ /even if this isn't the best time, he feels this may be the only time to tell her this/ Though, before that... Goddess Silvia, I find you to be the strongest and most beautiful woman I have ever met. The way you fought against Kaeth had me hypnotized, and not only that... But you have truly inspired me. Your generosity and compassion show brightly even now. You wish to help the wyverns and the townsfolk, not for money, but because you truly care about the people and creatures that live in this world. You are incredible. /straightens out, making more distance between him and Silvia/ /had been leaning closer to her before/ /though, he is still holding her hands/ I am in love with you, it was love at first sight. /pauses, to allow her to think about this/ I would be honored if you would have dinner with me once you are done here, there are many things I wish to talk with you about. /completely ignoring Makarioa at this time/ /Orswald knows he may be turned down, but he has wanted to tell her this for a long time now/

Makarioa: /continues to listen to the two of them speak/ /not taking his own thoughts of needing to sit down too much into consideration/ /taking in the information that Orswald has to say about the nest/ /he has an idea of the kind of monster they are speaking of/ /may like to ask Silvia how she intends to go about this situation/ /places a hand on Silvia's closest shoulder/ /he had never been standing very far/ /feels that she may not be very happy knowing that someone is here killing the creatures she had came to drive out of here/ /he will keep his hand here for the time being/ /remains to listen to the both of them, having yet to feel that he may wish to say something/ .... /after hearing the next things Orswald has to say, he feels somewhat sorry for him/ /despite his previous feelings that had not fully manifested themselves/ /knows what Silvia would say to him/ /unless by some chance something has changed, this thought hasn't crossed his mind/ /there is nothing that would cause it.../ /gives Silvia's should a slight squeeze/ /his breathing is slightly audible, he is still taking in some deep breathes/ /though this is likely something Silvia is used to/ /he is looking at Orswald right now, though he had been looking at Silvia not even a moment ago/ /the expression has only slight changed, as a colder gaze/

Silvia: Thank you, I appreciate your help, Orswald. /feels a hand on her shoulder soon after she speaks/ /glances back at Makarioa for a moment, before looking at Orswald again/ /she would place a hand over the one that now rests on her shoulder, but both her hands are currently occupied/ Hm? /"though, before that..."?/ /does he have more information for me on the wyverns?/ /her mind is currently only occupied by the beasts they just spoke of/ /so, Orswald's confession has surprised her/ ... /stays silent until he is done, thinking about how to react/ /feels his timing was terrible, since, she is in a hurry/ /but, since he exposed himself like this, she feels it would be rude to leave without replying to him/ I am sorry, Orswald, but I am in a relationship with Makarioa. He is someone who is very precious to me. /slowly pulls her hands away from Orswald's/ /his grip would melt away as she did/ Your words are flattering, really, but I cannot return your feelings. I will also have to refuse your dinner offer... I would rather go home after I am done here. /and I'm sure Makarioa would like to rest as well.../ /places her right hand over the one on her shoulder/ /not only am I the one whom he loves.. but I am also someone who he is inspired by.../ /if only I didn't have to turn him down../ /it feels rude to do this, after what he said to me/ I am glad I inspire you, and I am proud of you and Kaeth both. Please, continue to expand your village in the way you have been, Orswald. While Kaeth will always attempt to find quick ways to earn money... It will be your effort that truly allows Malsidhe to grow. /pauses, allowing him to take in her words/ /still thinking about what he had said to her before she replied/ Now, if you wouldn't mind... We need to stop Kaeth from disturbing this nest any further. If the wyverns are allowed to calm down for a moment, I might be able speak with them. /hopefully... it is that easy../ /if not... I may have to use magic/

Orswald: /listens to Silvia, feeling the sting of her words from the moment she started with "I am sorry"/ /when someone begins a reply to a confession by apologizing, you already know how they feel/ /watches her speak, glancing at Makarioa briefly when she mentions him/ /but, for the most part, he was looking at her/ /even if he wanted to look away out of embarrassment, he kept his eyes where they were/ /though, his smile had faded when she first began to speak/ ... /when she mentions that she is proud of him, his mood changes just a bit/ /does she recognize what I am doing?/ /seems amazed by what she said about him after that/ /she believes in me..?/ /perhaps... someday... If Makarioa ever fails to care for her.. I could take his place?/ /if she notices me like this, she surely thinks of me as someone important.. right?/ Thank you, Silvia... For giving me a reply. /even if it wasn't the reply I was hoping for../ I apologize for taking up some of your time... Let us hurry to Kaeth. /nods, turning around rather quickly/ /still feels embarrassed that he confessed to the earth goddess in front of her and the man she is in a relationship with/ /I will make sure I become a better man, and hopefully.../ /cuts his thoughts off/ /sighs quietly/ /I have time to think about this later../ Follow me. /looks back at them for a second, before starting to walk/ /he is now paying attention to where he is going/ /if Kaeth hears about this, I'm she would find it hilarious.../ /for all I know.. she could probably guess by the face I am making right now/

Makarioa: /continues to listen to the two of them speak/ /his gaze still set at Orswald, even while Silvia speaks/ /had known the type of answer she would give the elf/ /He may never have had a chance to tell her this at a more.. convenient time./ /could only wonder how the elf may feel, yet he has no feelings towards the elf/ /it is close to a neutral feeling, for now/ /that could change.../ /had he been a lot younger, he would most likely dislike the elf for what he had done, instead of what he feels now/ /he is not going to make any judgement on him for it/ /and it does seem that Silvia has respect for him/ /he will begin to walk when Silvia does, his body isn't feeling any desire for the urgency/ /again he wonders if should summon his bow to him to use it to rest on, or perhaps as a walking stick/ /as a walking stick, it may be a little unnecessary at this time/ /even though this may seem like improper uses for the bow, he finds it has more than one use/ /it is rather unlikely he will be using it however../ /once Orswald has turned away, Makarioa's attention turns to Silvia/ /he hasn't moved his hand from Silvia's shoulder/ ..What is the worst one could expect from the creatures here? /feeling he would like to know before walking down to find them/ /even if he may already have some idea formed in his mind/

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