I have no idea who created Pandora, but if I ever have the wonderful opportunity to meet them I would make sure to give them a hug.

It's 5:45am, I've been doing homework for various classes since 8pm. I have no idea why I wanted to pursue a music minor. I can't do music theory. I can see why many of the great musicians went broke near the end of their lives, they were bat s**t insane. I would like to thank the likes of Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, Wagner, and whoever else came up with the monstrosity of music theory. They created most of what I am struggling with today! Someone I know compared it to logic today. If only it were that easy. See, when a musician wanted to do something, and they weren't actually trained in orchestral music, they would do whatever the flying ******** they wanted.

I was originally going to write something to the effect of my romantic feelings, but it turns out I just don't want to right now. I feel sick to my stomach, and have been pretty much every think I think of the subject. I can't even write correctly.