I've lost hope lost my faith I got none left
I only hope that when tomorrow comes it'll bring death

There's no love in my life no love in my household
This act is starting to get real old

Man its so cold when you in bed alone
Wishing someone was laying next to you, but there is none

There's nobody there nothing but darkness
No one to touch, hug, or kiss

If you cant look forward to tomorrow what's the point of today
I want to leave this earth, but something making me stay

Some kind of force is keeping from leaving this earth
The angel of death has been breathing down my neck since birth

and these voices in my head are getting to loud to ignore
What did I do lord? why you gotta do this for

Why cant you just let me be leave me in peace
All this hatred and sorrow is turning me into a beast

I hate what I've become, did god save me as a child?
Or was that the devil the one that answered when I dialed

For a prayer as I laid in the hospital bed
Why did I survive sometimes I wish I had died instead

Of surviving it why did I live why didn't I pass on to the next life why
Do I go to bed every night with my pillow and cry?

The pain is getting too much to bear
I just wish someone would care

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