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Daliy pic,AVIs,and thougts of Itachi Uchihas son.

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Octavious has been away from home for year trying to do Brina's will. He and random groups of mercenaries have been killing and raiding bandit camps left and right that where marked as threats to the Kosigona.

A few slavers even crossed his path every now and then selling slaves that he bought and set free however a few of them stuck around to fight at his side. His squad of people grew and shrunk over and over.

He had successfully kept the family safe while making himself a target. The surviving bandits from his last two raids joined together to make an attempt on his life. They knew he was not a half-a** leader so they needed to get close to him.

They all game at him posing as towns folk wanting to join the Kosigona's personal army that he was building. He smiled at the idea that he might have finally completed a huge part of his mission and could return home having not wasted his time.

"Heh. Come on then. We will take a short cut though this cave. The last group did not want to join up so i am glad you guys saved me the trip. I really want to see my son again he has to be so big now. Should be around age two. He probably hates me for not being around so i will have a lot to make up for."He says

They make the mistake of looking him in the eyes and he cats an illusion on them.

<i>The hidden bandits: Sure thing bo..err Sir!<*attempts to salute*></i>

Octavious nods and leads them though the caves. Blinded by happiness he let's his guard down around them.

As they get to a rest spot..."Halt! We rest here! The trip back home from here will take at lest a week so we need to gather our strength" he says

As Octavious turns his back and reach's for the camp kit he bought they made their move.

They all try to jump him at once as they stabbed at his armor.</i>

Octavious may have been blinded by happiness but he was no fool. they where under an illusion as a trust test can't be to careful.

They stop after seeing dirt kick up from his body and his small illusion fading.
Octavious: I knew something was off about you the moment you came up to me and just so happened to know about my family's secret and not well known army and even more so that you wanted to join. It is a shame really you all would have made fine knights with my training.

<i>Joint bandit leader</i>:Your clan has deep pockets and we want that money. After we murder you we are going to kill them HA! MEN FOLLOW MY LEAD AND ATTACK!

Octavious shoots the highest mouth of lightning he can produce at them in an attempt to kill them all fast. This back fires do to lack of practice and injures him critically only having killed all but two of them.

The last two hard core bandits go into a blood rage as their harts are beating to fast and attack him in his weakened state.

The fight lasts only a few minutes as Octavious is double sword to the chest and starts bleeding out before he sends one last large volt to the both of them exploding their harts.

That last volt was worth it, he had defeated them but now his time is short.

"*coughs up more blood as he pulls the swords out* c...r..ap. Looks like i am not making it home after all. I will die a failure. I..can't fix my relationships with my son..or finish the one i started with my daughter..heh..look at me now dad..I wish you never went crazy and killed everyone..I might have had that real family i always wanted...*coughs up more blood as he can no longer walk and falls to the floor*Ugh! Ha..ha.*has a bloody smile on his face* I..still died like a real Kosigona man..aren't you proud?*Is now slightly delusional* I have both a son and daughter...Your sisters kid is doing fine. And..and..*blood flies out his mouth as he closes his eyes* I had a hot wife heh...Mom would have loved her..and My mistress you would have loved...I will see ya soon ya crazy b*****d! you..better have..Rage Island Ale waiting for me..you missed.."

He did not get to complete that last statement as his hart stopped and the blood is now a pool on the ground.

the only sound in the cave are Stinnox rushing to the massive amounts of blood to eat the bodies.

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