If you are interested in role-playing with me there are a few things you might want to know before we start. Please read through this entire blog before contacting me about starting on, whether it is through group or 1x1, failure to do so will leave you to be ignored.

Inixa’s General Rules:
1. No ‘Real’ Pictures – They must be strictly anime, sketched, etc. I don’t care, just as long as it is not a real human being you are trying to use. There are NO exceptions to this rule once so ever.
2. Intermediate to Advance – I prefer role-plays with people who know how to use spell check, have decent grammar (we all make mistakes, even me) and replies that are a decent length, 10+ sentences, if not much more. I realize we all have writer’s block, so every once in a while shorter replies are fine, but don’t make it habit.
3. Developed Character – I wasn’t sure how to word this, but what I mean is have a character that you can give me back ground information on. Have a story planned out for them, age, appearance, etc. Reference pictures are required, but at least be able to a detailed paragraph about how they look, even if it’s small details. I will ask for a character exchange at the beginning of each role-play if it is a 1x1, so we can both have an overall idea of who each character is.
4. Multiple Characters – PLEASE let me know up front if you absolutely cannot write for multiple characters. I play anywhere from one to six characters per role-play, even though some aren’t main characters. I prefer each of us (if a 1x1) write for at least two, and on top of that I would prefer if my partner was comfortable with playing both genders.
5. Original Plot – I prefer that we use our own plots and try to avoid books, T.V. shows, moves, and video game plots. There are a few exceptions to this, which you will read about more below, but just keep that in mind before contacting me.

If you made it through my rules above, thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon, but before you PM me or before we get started, take a look at my preferred ‘plots’ below.

1. Gifted – If you have a plot in mind please let me know! I love these because they allow a lot of freedom, but they can get boring if the plot is generic, so just keep that in mind.
2. Superheroes – These are similar to gifted role-plays, but instead it follows the normal ‘saving the world’ bit. They aren’t my favorite, but I can still work with them as long as you are original and the plot is fresh.
3. Wolf Packs/Other Animals – Animal based are another one of my favorites, normally focusing on the life of a specific animal species (sometimes more than one species). I also enjoy the Gifted animal ideas that some have been jumping into lately.
4. Vampires/Werewolves/Angels/Demons/Etc. – Clustering these together since most normally have the same general idea, but I’m still always interested in new ways to execute it. It’s always fun to play an immortal creature!
5. Pirates – My pirate slang isn’t the best, but still they make it to my list because coming up with new adventures/places is always a blast.
6. Dragons – I ADORE these and hardly ever get to take part in them, so if you are interested in a dragon tamer, slayer, etc. please let me know!
7. Fantasy – Normally a mix of all of the above, I like open plots like these since they really do allow a lot of freedom, but I would still like a solid plot and setting!

Movies, Books, T.V. Shows, Games
1. Fairy Tail – I will take part in certain Fairy Tail Role-Plays. I have NOT read the manga, but I have watched up to episode 96 and won’t watch more of them until Funimation releases the rest in March.
2. Pokemon – One of my weakness, but with this one I prefer we NOT have any of the normal characters, but instead make up our own as we go, including our own region that magically contains all of the Pokemon, minus legendries (Unless we come to a different agreement)
3. Kamisama Kiss – I’ve only watched the first season dubbed and haven’t looked into it any further, not sure if there are any other episodes out there, but that’s where I’m at. I have not read this manga either, but still I’m interested in this since it’s such a cute storyline, once again though, we would have our own characters and not have any connection with the shows characters unless it’s brief or otherwise agreed upon between us.
4. MLP – Yup, not much else can be said about this, but my exceptions are pretty much the same as I’ve started in some of the others above, these are fairly easy to figure things out with though.
5. More will be added I’m sure, there are a few other shows and books that I actually enjoy, so feel free to ask me, I promise I won’t bite, I will probably just say no.

More information may or may not be added over time, I just created this to give anyone interested an idea of what they are in for.