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Conn /// 22 /// ♂ /// 6"4 /// 190lbs /// Traveller /// Steel /// Chespin /// Uchiha Roxas
Not much is actually known about the mysterious biker "Conn". All that anyone knows is from hearsay and rumour; the most believed of these tales being the local legend about a biker gang known as "The Duskulls". Apparently, the gang used to fight Pokemon on the roads between towns barehanded, if you believe everything you hear, to not only test their strength but to also extort protection money from the local businesses. Some resisted but most paid because once a business refused to, The Duskulls would lead aggravated wild Pokemon into their town, despite whether or not the rest of the town complied, and allow them to rampage until the remaining townsfolk paid up. The gang soon became infamous all around the Genesis Island for their lack of mercy. Yet, the most infamous was their leader "Conn" and his female Scizor "R.T" short for "Red Tornado". The two were inseparable, invincible and above all merciless. However, the two of them suddenly disappeared and along with them... So did The Duskulls. Whether they were scattered to the wind or absorbed by another gang, no one is certain but news of The Duskulls disbanding started around the time Conn arrived in Canvas town for the Tournament. But if this was the infamous Conn, where was R.T and where did the Chespin called "Stowaway" come from?