I once called an attention seeker. My first time! Yay! Virginity broke. Lol.

Apparently she didn't like it when people focused their attention onto me.

I don't believe all attention seeker are bad. Hell, I don't know anybody who wants a little attention. I mean isn't almost everyone the damn planet attention seekers.

There is a big difference between a seeker and a attention whore.

Ex: This woman while I was in the chatroom would constantly talk about her man as if she won the god damn Olympic gold medal for gymnastics. I mentioned how I felt about it as it annoyed me then she proceed to tell me that she's sorry that I don't like how she's in love with her man(where the ******** that came from? I don't give two lumps of dragon s**t about what you do with your man. Get over yourself.) and I'm an attention seeker and barely get involved with the chat. Geez! I'm sorry I'm not a big chit chatter. -_- 70 percent of the time, I don't have anything worthy of saying but she wasn't willing to understand that.

I'm sorry that you don't like it when people direct their attention to me. It's not my damn fault though. And sometimes, I do love the attention and I refuse to feel bad because you feel the need to have people pay attention to you all the damn time.

It's OKAY to seek attention, just as long as you're not being a p***k or nuisance about it.

Thank you

~ Qen