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Shoddy Patches
These are sans post style due to the fact that they won't fit well in here.

Cassius Langley

The skies crackled from the crashing of thunder, the storm clouds' bellies dark and tempestuous. They crawled at a low altitude, close to kissing the top of Ravenclaw tower, which made the growls above the castle that much louder. The echoes of the roaring booms rattled his bones, even from within the safety of the stone walls. Groaning, his eyes closed tighter in an attempt to keep the intruding light at bay - no matter what the sun would say, Cassius remained in the opinion that the time to get up had not yet arrived. Mornings for the eldest Langley child, had never been his favorite time of the day.

Lightning pierced the horizon just as he reluctantly peered into the room, and immediately he flinched, rolling over and burying his face into the pillow. “Bloody Hell.” His voice came out muffled from being covered, but either of his roommates, if they were still there, would have understood lucidly what he had said. The routine had been a steady one for the past five years.

Heaving a heavy sigh in correlation with a second and third roll of thunder, Cass pushed himself into a sitting position and blinked several times to adjust to seeing again. Rubbing tiredly at his eyes and cheeks, he merely grunted begrudgingly as he slid to his feet and got dressed – motivated only by the rumbling in his stomach which seemed to rival the angry cries from outside. Using the pains of hunger as fuel to get going, he moved a little more speedily (though it cannot be said that the pace was hurried) about the room. His hair he left unkempt, his oceanic eyes would hold for some time still the last dregs of sleep, and his robes would appear disheveled until he found his way to a mirror.

Near to stomping, the wizard stalked through the common room with his books for the day in hand. Just before he left, he caught sight of his reflection and quickly flattened a few spry hairs on his head and adjusted his clothes so they hung correctly on his frame. “Hrmph.” He appeared far from perfect, but it would suffice until he truly had the energy to care.

As he descended the tower, it dawned on him that he had absolutely nothing in his hands. He'd left his books on the table next to the damned mirror. “Bleeding hell.” Styxx wouldn't take kindly were he to realize one of his students had left their materials in their common room, and that was his first class for the day. Sulking, he turned on his heel and climbed the stairs with dissenting muscles.

The golden-plated knocker to the dorms always required a riddle for a student to enter; as a member of Ravenclaw, Cassius knew the idea behind it worked – the students of the house often regaled their wits. He was no exception. But the boy hardly felt the mood for such games. “Let me in. You know its me... I just left here scarcely a minute ago,” He pleaded. The only answer he received was another one of the brain teasers he'd need to solve to gain entry. Having to wait until some other student came and answered correctly would be embarrassing, and his pride wouldn't take that.

You've heard me before, yet you hear me again,
Then I die 'til you call me again.

It wasn't one he'd heard before; of course he wouldn't have been that lucky. Glowering at the eagle, his stomach twisted inside of him, begging to be fed. With as little brain function as he had, he had no where near enough patience to solve it on the spot. “I'll be back.” He snapped, barreling down the stairs in an angry stride. No way he was going to lose his streak of not getting one wrong because he was too tired and hungry to figure it out.

The long walk down to the Great Hall only made his exhaustion more apparent, and his eyes fell half-closed by the time he reached the doors. Giving one a shove, he was met with the bustling of early birds, chattering away like it was normal to be awake before noon. Muttering curses under his breath, he squinted in response to the change of light. Through mere slits, his sights fell on Lydia, who waved at him excitedly, urging him to choose a seat next to her. With a grimace, Cassius ground his teeth as his feet dragged him over to his friend. Were it later in the day, he would have been delighted to keep his friend company while they dined, but as it stood... his sanity protested vehemently against her chipper attitude, which he could almost bet she would try to project onto him. That she was practically bouncing in her seat warned him of that.

It never worked. Though telling her it wouldn't never dissuaded her from trying either.

His long form slumped down on the bench next to her, and his face immediately found the books he'd lain on the table. “Too. Bloody. Early.” The Ravenclaw boy grumbled incomprehensibly, but put a hand up in the air in an attempt to cease Lydia's blathering before she got a head start. Sometimes the girl was too full of beans for him to keep up. He needed a few more minutes to try and wake up before he could handle a full dose of her. He braced himself for the onslaught of her morning giddiness, knowing well his attempts would prove to be in vain, and that he wouldn't find her jaunty attitude contagious.

Still not troubling himself to lift the curtains from covering the cerulean orbs that lay behind them, Cassius reached for the nearest bowl in front of him, apathetic to what he found, so long as it was edible. While he couldn't quiet one of the things sure to bother him this morning, the torrid grumbling in his stomach had an easy fix. As his fingers closed in on a bready substance that felt like a bagel he pull his arm back and brought his findings to his lips. He sniffed it once before taking a bite, swallowing the whole of the bit without chewing.

“An echo.” He finally mumbled after a few more mouthfuls of food. At least now he'd have the answer for when he needed to go back upstairs to get his books. “Left my stuff upstairs in the common room.” He explained to Lydia, who should have been used to his random outbursts. “Was too impatient to figure out the riddle when my stomach was growling.” While he was finally starting to liven up, Cassius still wasn't quite to the point where he'd speak full sentences.

Adalynn Mitchell

Sleep had not bothered to visit her during the night. After hours of tossing and turning in her sheets, she threw in the proverbial white flag and decided to roam the common room while everyone else slept. The flames in the hearth danced on the heavily ash-laden logs, licking mercilessly at the bark as they devoured their prey. She sighed, knees huddled into her chest in one of the lazy chairs near it, with a wave of her wand she stoked the fire by levitating the poker. Cinders flurried in the air, but none thankfully flew out far enough to singe the carpet. The brunette idly watched the jumping of shadows on the wall - flickering light never ceased to entertain her because the way it played so arbitrarily with everything in the room.

Despite it being just the beginning of September, the chill that the rain brought with it caused Adalynn to shiver; the castle this high up often got drafty. Her hope had been that she might have caught Kasey playing his guitar again when she snuck down here, but he must have retired hours ago. While she would never admit aloud simply from being too shy to be so forward, she had missed the chords and melodies that so often filled the common room. The only thing that ever met her at night during the vacation, was the sound of her own footsteps against the stone floor.

With one of her class books in hand, she nestled closer into the throw she'd draped around her shoulders, settling in to try and get a jump on the class readings she would have to endure this year. This one in particular was for Charms - the class she often needed the most help with. (Outside of History of Magic her first year here) Adalynn specialized in the grittier types of magic, grasping them the easiest of all of her coursework. Simple charms to clean the house, knit, cook, etc took longer for her to master. And the easier the spell, the more of a hard time it gave her.

The storms thundered above and occasionally the loud yowls of rain caused her to flinch only when one of the booms shook the tower. She flinched, and looked about the room, happy to see a little clutter from the other students coming back. During the summer, she had free roam of the Gryffindor tower, but she much preferred the sounds of her house-mates making noise to the silence they left behind. Especially the music some of her peers made after finishing up with their studies.

Certain that no one had spied her reaction to the loud noise, Addy's eyes fell back onto the words printed across the page. She wasn't sure when she finally drifted to a soundless sleep, but when she awakened in the morning, she felt well-rested, even though she knew only a few hours had passed while she dreamed. With her eyes still heavy with the remnants of her dreams, Addy could only hear the shuffling of the feet as people scurried through to get a head start to their day. Stretching akin to a house cat after a long nap, she felt her bones pop in satisfaction. A yawn escaped her, and she drudged up to her room to change into her robes so that she could join them in the Great Hall.

It did not take her long to reach the Hall, and she glanced about the room, taking note that many of her friends had already sat down. Albus was siting with the Slytherins, and she waved before taking her seat with her own house, near Emery and Kasey.

She smiled at Kasey's crazy appearances, but beyond that she did not say much, as per usual. While many might not have ever noticed and simply believed her to be shy, Adalynn rarely spoke unless someone addressed her first. A select few members of the school knew why - though if Castor asked her, she would say she told no one about the trial, as he instructed her three years ago to keep her less-than-perfect past under wraps. The last thing the Ministry wanted was to tell the world that necromancy might be possible.

It did not take long for a few of the students to start speculating just what was going on - the rumor mill at Hogwarts never stopped running. And while she had been a hot topic for a while, most had simply decided that whatever had happened was a mystery, because Adalynn would tell no secrets. Muggles in the school had replaced her, and it seemed as though everyone had a theory.

Minerva made the announcement that the rumors were true - Hogwarts was going to be home to a handful of muggles while they sorted everything out. This, Adalynn had no opinion on; she did not care one way or another for the non-magical breed. However, when her cerulean gaze caught sight of one of the investigators, her throat sank straight into her stomach and started turning her insides into a pretzel. "Oh no." She mumbled before she could stop herself. Quickly, she averted her eyes to those around her. "Those poor people..." She covered quickly, not wanting her peers to know just what had caused her duress.

Castor was here. And he'll likely try and pin all of this on me.

Gabriella Maddox

The memories Deacon stirred about her mother garnered an honest smile to light up her features, her green eyes sparkled with the laughter brought by the idea of her mother ranting at the young boy for being entirely too formal. "I believe the phrase she used was 'crechyn,' informing you that so far out in the country, we cared little for first class propriety, and very explicitly, she told you to stop treating her like one." It'd been a long time since she'd even heard the Welsh slang for snob, but it seemed to put a little color back into the recollections she'd put away. "But, I trust that there will be no need for my own tirade to have you treat me the same way." She stated expectantly. He'd get the hint.

After talking for a few minutes, Gabriella became alarmed by a few of his words that he still thought of her as the girl he'd seen decades ago. Informing him that she'd grown up had been a gentle warning - the years had changed her in ways he might not have anticipated. But his response to it caused an outburst of laughter, which only worsened with the blushing that had accompanied his observation. Turning the guffaws into coughs, she managed to settle down a few moments later and she cleared her throat as an unspoken apology. Odd as it was, his blushing reminded her of a teenager who'd been caught staring too long at a teacher's chest. "And apparently, I grew up well." She teased, the ends of her smile reaching from one ear to the other. "Good to know."

Shortly after, they divulged in their experiences with the proverbial fountain of youth, and a frown knitted her brows as she listened to what sounded like the backdrop to a Sci-Fy thriller than what it did reality. Gabriella understood his hesitance to find out just what other consequences might be from volunteering as a scientific experiment, but it did not halt her curiosity. "As much as you might be afraid to know, not knowing will become far scarier." She said. "You are a part of this team that goes out... and for a unexpected genetic defect to kick in during one of those fights could get a lot of people killed." Answers were a necessity in her opinion.

Really, the job offer had not been anticipated during the interview, so the rush of it caused a great deal of surprise. He offered her lodgings at the Watch Tower, and her dark-haired head bobbed in agreement, another easy grin catching on her lips. "I had figured I'd just stay in a hotel for a few days while I secured an apartment close by." For whatever reason, it had not occurred to her that the Tower likely hosted most of the League's people. At least now she wouldn't have to hurry about getting her stuff from her car... he just needed to point her in the direction of her new room.

The mention of the university being so close served as a perk that helped draw her in. "So long as it does not interfere with my job here, I would love to be able to take a few classes at a time." In this day and age, it was easier to find programs that spread out the course load. When she and Deacon had been growing up, enrolling into medical school consumed your life - sure, it took longer if one chose to take a slower-paced program... but at least then she'd be able to be of help to the league. Plus, it wasn't as though Gabriella lived on borrowed time.

Deacon invited her to do a team exercise with the rest of the league, and she asked just what sort of things it would entail, specifically about trust falls... She chuckled at is wink, and realized he had probably been trying to put one together when she'd interrupted him. "Was that what you were doing before being paged to see me?" She asked apologetically. "Sorry about that... I just didn't see an application online. I will say that I probably won't make an awesome addition to the team, given the fights you get into... but I will do my utmost to patch you up." Really, she had a number of years in Muay Thai, but had only studied it for self-defense purposes. In a real fight, she wasn't sure what she'd do, which could be a huge liability to the team.

He stated they really needed the team exercises right now, and if any of what the media broadcasted had been true, then they really did need to focus more on team building. That was when caped man stood ominously in the doorway. He seemed to emanate darkness with how he held himself, and Gabriella fought the urge to jump from being startled, though it had not been overly successful. Hoping he didn't notice, she decided it was more important to hope that he didn't always do that, else she might go into cardiac arrest.

Rising to her feet, she smiled at Deacon and then at the man in the doorway. "Who is this caped compadre, may I ask?" She posed the question with a smile, holding out her hand for him to shake. "I'm Gabriella, the new nurse for the tower."

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