Time does weird stuff to people, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised if someone I used to be on good terms with came back after an extended absence with a completely different attitude. We were friends but it's also been years since we've talked. No fights, just life.

Then one day sh*t goes down on Skype.

1) When somebody changes the subject, they're obviously not interested in what you're carrying on about, or it's getting very awkward and they want no part in it. Ranting for 3 days straight about video games while not paying attention to anything your friend is doing or saying is kind of a dick move.

2) Not that I'm saying abuse isn't a legitimate problem, but seriously. Don't use it as a trump card in every argument. Your problem is bad writing in your favourite video game series. Mine is that my electronics are constantly breaking. Then you tell me my problems don't matter "because you have real problems like being abused". Well maybe I have real problems of my own and your horribly written games don't matter to me. Thought about that? Also, nobody's trying to compete for who has the sh*ttier life here. Just you apparently.

3) You have your issues, I have mine. I just let you scream in my ears about yours, I'd expect you to at least respect me if I happen to share mine. You think that's invalid? Your face is invalid. That's about all the logic you've put forward today.

I'm done.