the feeling long forget have returned. the feeling of being a total failure. disappointing everyone, not being able to do things correctly, can't even follow simple f*cking directions. i'm worthless. i just want to disappear forever. and all this time i have been just making excuses to protect myself that is all i have been doing, and what i have been doing has been nothing but selfish. trying to stand proud on some stand making people happy only so that i can be happy in return. i just want to die. i don't know why i am still here anymore my dreams are not dreams they are just fantasy no matter how hard i try for them i can not achieve them. i also lack the resolve to get them in the first place. and to anyone who felt like reading this just forget me it wont be that hard, unfriend me and move on with you life like i was never part of it even though the title said to avoid this but oh well its not like it will matter cause you will just forget about me anyways and i don't mind i want you to.