My room mate got mad at me this week emotion_8c He was frustrated with the car which he was trying to do work on, so I put up with it for a while, trying to be understanding. The final straw was when he was almost done and I went to check on him. He was having trouble positioning a flashlight to let him see, so I offered to go get him a better light. He said I could just hold the flashlight instead, so I did. Then he tried to tell me where to aim it and I told him I couldn't see where he was pointing. He got mad and tapped his foot which is his frustration indicator, and I said "tap your foot all you want, it won't make me see something I can't see." He then snatched the flashlight from my hand and started trying to position it again. I walked away and left his pissed off a** there. He could have, I don't know, positioned my hand where he wanted the f*cking light, but no, gotta treat people like sh*t because he's having a bad day. Later on he came in and placed a gas can two feet away from me and I started having a coughing fit. I can't breath gas fumes as if they were oxygen. Hell, Pretty much anything can set off a coughing fit from me and he f*cking knows that. His response was to get mad at me for not being able to breathe. Because that makes sense. He shouted at me in the kitchen "what do you want me to do? leave it outside where it can grow legs?" I said "i'll just go somewhere else" and went in my room and shut the door. He left after continuing to talk to himself for a little bit longer during which time he put the gas can outside. I still had to wait for the air to clear out though because the smell or fumes or whatever lingers. He came back with food and when I told him I already ate (like we had planned to do three hours prior), he got mad that I wasn't hungry "Well do you want me to put it in the fridge?" I wonder if that is the same fridge that keeps food from going bad. I came out of my room, he handed me the bag with food and I sat on the couch trying not to cough (lest my breathing bother his scarfing down food). When he was done he went to bed without saying anything and after he did that I tossed my food into the fridge. For the past three days I haven't said a word to him other than very basic things: "dinner", "yes", "no", "what do you want for desert?", etc. I've also avoided eye contact when possible. I simply could not give enough sh*ts to say anything more. Of course after he got what he wanted done, he was all happy and completely forgot his behavior over the previous several days. The worst part is he's done it before. I know he'll do it again too. I wonder if he even noticed how I acted the past few days or if he's just too dense. Anyway, I want to continue with minimal communication, but he figured out my weakness: games. I'm not sure if it was an accident or on purpose, but the fact is I broke a few hours ago. Shame on me... He'll probably go out and buy me one as a silent "I'm sorry" gift and we'll never mention it out loud. Until, that is, the next time he does this. He'll get all pissy because something didn't go his way and then take it out on me again and I'll just stop talking to him and then he'll buy me off again. I wish I had stronger will power.

In other aspects, I guess I could mention that I'm still stuck on names, but I've been working on them as much as I can. This whole mess with my room mate distracted me. I know "excuses, excuses", but... F*ck! I'm going to put a word count at the end of each of these entries from now on to shame myself into working. Might not work, but then again, there is a possibility that it will.

Nothing else to mention. I cleaned the living room and rearranged my game systems, so yay me I guess?

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