The searing scourch of blue flames send a tingle down my spine with every thought of you, you would think its stupid but i think ive grown attached too you, not out spite, not from your looks, but the way you treat me, the way you look at me, the way you pay attention, women are hard too find these days, what a rediculous thing to say, to you. everyones wearing a mask, everyone, whether they realize it or not, walls against the world is the only choice, meeting new people makes a little noise in my head, the insanity has breached the inside of this mind, and for the first time in a while i know where it comes from, it seeps through the cracks into the floor except its coming out, supposed too hit the earths core but its flooding to the ceiling, speaking too you as if though it had meaning, my mistake was i was on the virge of cleaning out, but i still touched corruption i feel it, incomplete sentences at its finest, incomplete thoughts to grind with half an idea too climb with, no sure motivation for the next day, theres no toll to pay, no game too play, an answer you must find for yourself, and thats your dues, theres no much of a clue how too escape, this is a bunch of pieces but no full pictures gathering too the town center like my memorys fading away hilariously taking there time pacing me with some more rhymes, but once again left speachless, because the thoughts and ideas dont finish themselves, and the idea of completeing the idea or coming out on the otherside with the answer i thought i wanted has submitted me into defense so that im too scared too press that button, anybody who can make sense of this is an artist, if they know, ill be waiting here not for anybody but for myself too catch back up