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An heart of a fox.
About life, potry and my friends.
Prologue: Hell's Kingdoms'
One eventful night in California a scream of terror echoed out from the shadows of alleyway! This scream is from a woman with-holding a child that's barely a month old! Woman:"S-somebody.. help me! Anyone!?", Holding the sleeping child tightly to her chest as 3 thug beings seem to be in hot pursuit as they seem to be wanting the child from her grasp.

She keeps running down the alleyway, looking for a exit, but as it seems to go on forever till a wall appeared at the end of the allyway, making her stop, as the leader of the thugs pull out a dagger from his pocket and casually walked up to the fearful woman that's cowering against the wall.

Sharp fangs showed from his mischievous smile as he holds the dagger to the woman's neck, "Give us the child and we'll just disappear... that's all~!" A spine-chilling chuckle echoed from his throat, "If you don't... we will kill you!", the chuckle became an full insane laughter from the madman as he slides the dagger from her neck to her chest! The woman put her baby behind her back to protect her child, "N-no.. I won't give up my child... !", as some of her words shake in fear as she start to feel the tip of the dagger sinking into the skin because of her disobeying his order.

Blood start to seep from the small cut as he start to twist and turn but she took the pain, rather her than her child, she thought... as the leader watches her reaction to the pain made it more pleasurable for him, "Just give up.. kahah.. that baby will be mine with you alive or dead!" Just as he's going to plunge the dagger into her heart; a sound.. footsteps? ... no heavy footsteps and a.. dark aura... The leader turn around in time to see one of his minion's neck being grabbed from the

A hand.. that's bigger than the thug's head slip out from a the shadow as it's fingers grab it's victim's neck is holding start to lift it up as the thug struggles to breath while fighting against pain of the strong grip!

The thug chokes, spats, but the grip seem to be tightening as blood start to pour out of his eyes! The other thug stares in awe and fear as it see a pair of crimson eyes glowing from the shadow where the arm is extending from.

The eyes shift to the shaking thug as the one he'd hold was slammed into the wall beside it, showing a spot of blood where the remains of the thug's body! Try to run from the overpowering being in the shadow but the other hand appeared and grab the thug by it's head and crushed it, blood splattered everywhere, and at this time the leader looked at the gore that use to be his minions.. he can't believe it! Ignoring the woman completely as this being start to move out of the shadows.

As the woman start to weaken because of the blood loss, but a very strong will, keep the baby hidden but the child started to cry.. as the cry brought the thug out of shock and remind him that she was behind.

But the figure from the shadows walks in the moon's light. The figure spoke with a simple but war-toned voice, "It's been an million years before I had to shed blood from a demon", the figure look at the bleeding, dying, woman as the little one wiggled and cries from hunger.

A glowing blood-red colored mark forms on the side of his face as his crimson eyes start to glow profoundly while the horns on top of his head start to grow out to resemble a crown.

Shivering from pure fear, the leader, look upon this Being.. this person.. as it aura is shown as he whispers, "Oni.. the Oblivion.." Taking up a stance to fight Oni, "The warlord of Ifrit, the one who brings Destruction to his enemies!", The leader then jumps at Oni with his dagger reflecting the moon's light.

Watching it's attack as it jump at Oni but Oni was too quick as in a flash he grabs the hand that held it's dagger crush it without even using an inch of his power, "So, what brings demon trash like you to the human realm?", holding back the blood-lust to get information out of this as the baby is still throwing it's fit, "I have been wondering around the world to find a way to live without bloodshed and.." looking at the woman that seem to lose most of her color as blood is covering her upper chest, " what is it do you want with the child?" The creature feels his fist getting crushed as it tries to pull away from the pain, "K-kaah! Don't kill me! My boss wants that child back! With or without that woman!" hmm.. Oni's eyes leans at the creature as it please for it's own life.

Letting the creature go as it runs off into the night Oni walks up to the dying woman as she's trying to keep breathing, the woman start to plead to him, 'Oni... Please protect my baby...", as she trying to maintain her breath, Oni knee down to her, she brings the baby from behind her and puts it his lap,'T-take care of little Iris.. there's more than the wicked monsters that wants her... please give her a.. normal life" After picking up the fusting child the mother has passed away.

Thinking in his mind,"...a normal life..." As the child grabs onto his finger he smiled.

Prologue: Hell's Kingdoms'. End.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Sat Apr 05, 2014 @ 05:41pm
It is really good so far i would love to read more

commentCommented on: Sun Jul 27, 2014 @ 09:38am
DUDE, you should write more this is amazing!
i wanna know what happens! cmon!!! biggrin

Futuristic Flow
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booze and gals
Community Member
commentCommented on: Thu Jul 31, 2014 @ 05:08am
good story bro 3nodding

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