To new and old readers of my journal, you may have noticed some errors here and there. Truth is, I rarely proofread for things like this. How silly of me! If I could, I would double-check each and every entry and fix it up. Problem is, though, I just don’t have the time for that.

I have considered hiring an editor for my entries, but I figured some of my mistakes are so incredibly bizarre that no one aside from myself could decode it for the world to understand. I mean, if you’re willing to go through all my entries and pinpoint every brain glitch, that would be superb! And extremely unreasonable of me to ask of anyone.


I’ll do it myself, dear readers, so don’t you worry! But if your OCD is absolutely murdering you, I should warn you that grammatical repairs are postponed until summer vacation. I’m hoping to have time around the end of June to amend my broken words. I do plan on applying for a couple of summer courses prior to this giant chore, so don’t expect the immediate perfection of all my entries by June 1st or something.

When this mammoth of a task commences, I’ll be revisiting my entries from the second to the last! I’ll be fixing typos, adding missing words, rewording awkward sentence structures, italicising emphasized words, and decorating the result with emoticons. It’ll be worthwhile, hopefully, and I look forward to seeing who I was just a little while back.

In case you’re wondering why I said “second to last” rather than “first to last,” the reason is that my first entry was deleted... by me.

See, when I first discovered Gaia Journals, I was still in a state of depression and my first entry was me pouring out a bit of the self-hatred. Every time I read my first entry, a part of me died. I mean, I wrote that first entry. I can relate to myself. Not only does reading that dreadful entry spark a renewed darkness within me, it also fills me with self-pity. It’s horrible knowing the child me in the past was breaking in secret. The futile desire to travel back in time and help myself grows increasingly strong when I read that first entry. So... I deleted it. I wanted no part in returning to the shadows. Sometimes, I can’t help it, but that entry provided me another way to go down the unwanted path. By deleting the first entry, I lessened my options of hurting myself.

And, why more emoticons? If you’ve been around for some time, you may have noticed my use of smileys and such decreased over the years. This is due to my time gradually shrinking. I don’t have time to put so many colourful stickers everywhere, but trust me when I say I know where they go. When I revisit all my entries, I‘ll put in the emoticons that I wanted to insert the first time around. It’ll make my entries more... playful and hopefully more entertaining to read. Some people don’t like the emoticons and I’m fine with that. In my journal, I like putting faces everywhere to give a little more emphasis on what I feel and how I’m saying certain things. If you don’t like all the faces, I apologize right here and right now because I don’t plan on not placing any.

Hm... I believe that’s all I have to say. Sorry for the odd entry. I just wanted to update you guys on my future plans. Thanks for reading anyways, though! Today’s lyrics are:
You've got her under your spell
And she's believin' your lies
You'd like her at your hotel, oh
No, not as long as I'm alive

Quite odd lyrics, eh? Sometimes I like to coordinate the song with the theme of the entry, more often than not. Most of the time, the song is a bit farfetched for the journal, but it makes sense somewhat. Sometimes I even quote the song in my entry! But for this journal entry’s song, it’s completely random. I like the song and I’m glad I got to use it in at least this entry, haha. Anyway, I oughta go attend personal matters. I’ll see you around next entry! yum_puddi