This time next week, my mom and I will be in Oregon. It kind of scares me, knowing the reason I'm going up there. It's scary but completely exciting. I can't wait, knowing what could happen. Knowing the things I know. I'm going up to meet a boy. Someone that I've become insanely close with over the past few months. He's been pretty funny. We've had some differences, but they really don't affect us. I kind of like this boy. That's kind of hard to deny. I don't even think I would want to deny that. He's nice and funny. He knows how to make me laugh. We play video games together and watch movies. We talk a lot, for hours on end. I love his personality. He likes teasing me a lot, which really only makes me laugh.

So, my mom and I are driving up there. It's a ten hour drive give or take. It's going to be a very long car ride. Hopefully I can sleep a lot of the way there. We'll pack up my moms car and leave Thursday night. We probably will only stop to eat, go to the bathroom, and stretch our legs. Otherwise, we probably will drive the entire way and get there early Friday morning. We're gonna rent a motel room and all that good stuff. But, other than that, I have no idea what we will do.

I'm afraid that he's going to see me and be disappointed. We know what eachother look like but pictures can be decieving. I'll be honest, my body type isn't ideal. It's not considered attractive to some people. I'm a tad bit afraid of major rejection. Of him turning me away. I'm afraid that my awkwardness will be seen as aweful. Which, I wouldn't blame them. It's so easy to talk to him when there is a machine in the way, but face to face? That might be a little troublesome, considering I don't do very well under pressure and I stutter.