I was born in the realm between worlds the realm known as Avalon. There I was raised in the arts of the Bard. When I mastered the Bards knowledge I was accepted into the order of Bards upon Avalon. I carried on training more and more until there was nothing more I could learn from the Bard masters and they turned me unto this realm so i could learn more about the Bards ways. I took the name Lind when I entered this realm from Avalon it means song of music in one of the old languages. I never knew my parents. I am a descendant of the Faerie Queen Caliea and Sir Percival one of the knights of the round table. I play only the violin because every instrument I picked up in my childhood blew up in my hands except the violin no one knew the reason for this but even to this day it has been like this. I enjoy helping people whenever I can. I can not resist playing when someone asks me to even if I know that I will receive nothing from it. I enjoy making other people happy. I travel from one place to another to try and learn something. I want to to find someplace where I can rest for a time and be happy making others happy. I love any form of cats. They make me happy and calm me down just from petting them.