My mom is messed up beyond belief. Drugs, gangs, alcohol.. She's done it all, except perhaps jail. The show "16 and Pregnant" would have had a hard time with my mother. According to her when she found out she was pregnant she stopped all drugs; she says she stopped damn near everything except for her precious cigarettes. No one will vouch for her. She says that she left all the bad people behind and tried to do the best for me. I can vouch that she didn't. My mother acts like a child, has the brain and knowledge of an eighteen year old, and the body of someone around 50. She thinks only of herself. She only shows care for others when she feels like she'll be shunned if she doesn't. Her complaining never ceases and she has a complete lack of decency. They say no matter how much you hate someone you'll always feel bad when they pass, but I'm sitting here hoping for it to happen? I grew up caring for myself and trying to defend myself, I failed and it's all because she wasn't there to help me. A mother is supposed to be the helping hand in your life. She's supposed to be a stepping stone to help you get where you are supposed to be. But all my mother has been is a large volcano that erupts every so often with enough force to blow up the earth. All my life I have been and will be compared to her but I for one will never see myself be like her in any way.