A writers challenge!

My challenge to you is to write a scenario in which your character meets you, this can be actually one on one, or through any number of devices.

1)Submission must be at least half a word document page in length!
2) Must be submitted before Saturday, March 15th 2014 at Midnight Eastern Time.
3) Each participant may choose from one of the preconceived ideas, or discuss with me about a particular idea they would like to pursue.
4) Do not plagiarize from another contestant, or other such works.

This is not a homework assignment, you are free to participate and communicate with me personally about an idea or concept you'd like to pursue! For those who do participate there will be prizes.

Grand Prize - 10,000,000 gold
Second Prize - 5,000,000 gold
Third Prize - 2,000,000 gold
Every participant - 1,000,000 gold

Have fun and go wild!

For those of you who like this sort of thing The Countdown Timer

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