The Anger Inside

I lost too many people, too soon
It didn't hit me
Until I turned 15
Hey, I lost everyone....

I cried in my room for a long time
Don't leave me please
I'm going to school for you
I can't lose you

I became a little violent
Or a lot
I scared a lot of people
No one has seen me like this

They saw me as nice girl
Didn't they realize that I'm violent?
In my head, and outside of my head
I hit that damn wall today

I'm sorry, I scared you
I didn't mean to
You would do the same if you had racing thoughts
My past is really dark

I can feel the psychical pain from the abuse
It makes me angry to feel this pain
I take it out on everyone
I'm really, really sorry

Holding in this anger from everything
It sucks
I have to unleash it sometimes
I'm waiting for the day that I can scream

Don't be scared of me
I would never hurt you
Don't worry

Anger gets the best of me sometimes
That's normal
Just don't hurt people