Ehhhhh do I really want to write about my history? Hell nah. Maybe some other time. It is exciting though! I guess? I used to live in New Orleans biggrin
Anyway, I had to run from my assassin today. For those of you who actually are having a small heart attack, don't worry as I won't actually be killed should he find me.

The point of the game is to hit your target with a clean sock. So they assign you a "Target" and that person lives in your dorm. So we all basically try and follow each other around and secretly pelt each other with a sock. I was in the final 3 last semester! Well this semester we're down to the final 4, and so far I've had to run from my assassin twice, once at midnight, and then today through the pouring rain. There are safe zones, like the bathroom, classroom, and work. The problem now is that we're all hiding from one another, with no progress being made. Personally, I now walk around with 2 socks, one in each pocket. My target is my employee haha! I've made deals wink