Ever since semester two started, I’ve been attending a Biology 20 course. It’s pretty interesting. The material is definitely a lot more challenging than Science 10H stuff and my current professor is an obvious bit more demanding than my last. Nonetheless, I am enjoying the course.

Actually, yeah, I am quite enjoying the course.

Such statement was especially true for today.

My teacher, let’s call her Mrs. Roth, is an odd lady. On the outside, she looks rather terrifying (perhaps resembling a retired witch). I mean, she’s taught people of a higher calibre than me and under her supervision, I feel the need to grasp for something beyond my reach. She has a certain you’re-smarter-than-you-think aura, you know?

After getting to know her more, I realized she really does what she can to teach us. She tries hard, you see? Her methods of teaching don’t agree with how I learn, but I have a Bio textbook for the worst case scenarios. Anyway, among her multitudes of methods, she has... a clock.

We all have our clocks.
“We” as in my classmates and me.

I find it odd for a high school teacher to stress class chemistry so much. Like, Mrs. Roth wants us to be comfortable with each other. We engage in a lot of group discussions, so often, in fact, that I feel... a sense of deprivation when working alone on, well, individual assignments.

Anyhow, back to the topic, in accordance to Mrs. Roth’s orders, we all made a clock.

Have you heard of the clock?

Basically, you drew yourself a circle and mark off points where the hours usually sit on an analog clock. Then you go around and make appointments with other people and write their names beside the corresponding hour. For Bio, we only had to make four appointments; one at every third hour.

Today, we were to meet with our nine o’clock appointment.

Whoop-de-do, I thought. A half-stranger.

My nine o’clock appointment was with a classmate who I was lucky to find. On the day we were making the appointments, I desperately needed a nine o’clock person and, surprise, I found one.

Let’s call this person Nine o’Clock. I’ll keep Nine o’Clock’s name and gender private for now.

Nine o’Clock, you might wonder? Well, the reason is pretty obvious, right? Why I called this person Nine o’Clock is pretty obvious, right?

Anyhow, I met with Nine o’Clock today for a short walk around the school vicinity. We were to study the different ecosystems that were present.

How fun, eh? With everything either hibernating or dead, winter is a great season to study the outside world!

We didn’t do much work, Nine o’Clock and I. I mean, we did the bare minimum outside. We mostly talked about, well, pretty general stuff. We introduced ourselves because we were half-strangers.

What do I consider a half-stranger, you might ask? It’s a new term for me, to be honest. Nine o’Clock isn’t a stranger but Nine o’Clock also isn’t an acquaintance or anything like that. We used to be just choir members (which doesn’t say much seeing as Nine o’Clock is in a different choir section and my whole choir has over a hundred students), but now we’re classmates. That’s cool. I knew Nine o’Clock’s name and face and even that was a struggle to remember.

I know more about Nine o’Clock. I learned today.

Nine o’Clock shares a looooot of the same interests. Nine o’Clock also shares a lot of the same friends. Like, a LOT of the same friends. Nine o’Clock knew more about me than I thought a half-stranger might. I’m surprised I wasn’t on familiar terms with Nine o’Clock already. We had so many connections, it’s crazy.

There isn’t any point in this journal entry. I just wanted to announce I made a friend today with someone I never thought I would be friends with. Despite having really interacting with such person today, I hope to see more of Nine o’Clock. Who knows, maybe one day, I’ll introduce Nine o’Clock to you guys~!

Anyhow, I should really go. I oughta read the Act 1 of The Merchant of Venice for tomorrow. It takes me a mammoth of a time to get past each page so I best be on my way. I also have to get up early tomorrow for badminton. I hope my partner’s past injuries don’t impose on her performance. Wish me luck!

As for the lyric-snippet portion of my entries, today’s excerpt is:
Time can come and wash away the pain
But I just want my mind to stay the same
To hear your voice
To see your face
There’s not one moment I’d erase
You are a guest here now

It’s a bit more than usual, but the same rules apply. Guess the song’s title and artist and a reward shall be granted! I really like the artist for this song. I’m a new fan, haha. Kudos to you if you know the song! I bid you a temporary farewell. I’ll write again soon. yum_puddi