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Rebecca's Writings This is going to be very random and updated infrequently, so don't expect too much.

Gothic Rebecca
Community Member
Uncle Kenny's departure
I feel I need to preface this entry with a disclaimer. I appreciate the efforts that Kenny put into the events while he was here. I also respect the fact that he was one of the most vocal admins on staff, and would often throw himself into the line of fire in an attempt to calm the general anger that's been brewing in the forums. Even if most of what he had to say was just towing the line for the corporate suits. All-in-all he was a good guy, and will be missed.

However, let's be honest here. When compared to events from years past, Kenny's events were pretty lame. Prior to 2012 I found most of the events to be engaging and fun. But right about the time Kenny was promoted to event coordinator, they stopped being fun and engaging. Almost every event was some sort of fight. Making us choose one of two, or more teams and then attacking eachother in the forums. I ******** hated that! Christmas isn't about fighting. It's a time to come together and be joyous. Not attacking others with virtual projectiles and being rewarded for it with crappy prizes and worthless achievements!

And it was the same ******** thing for every event. The only thing that changed was the theme. Whether we were throwing pies, water balloons, snowballs, or just generic attacks, it was the same thing. Then you post as much as possible to regain energy, run to the cash shop to buy more weapons and go right back at it again. It completely ******** up the forums. There was a time when you could actually get banned for spamming the forums, but during these events it was encouraged. It was part of the basic mechanics of the event. I loved the event forums because I had wonderful conversations with people I didn't normally talk to. Now with an Uncle Kenny event though. It was impossible to have a conversation when 29 of thirty posts were "BUMPs".

Then there were the events where you had to be quoted by an NPC in order to get prizes. I'm not sure how it worked. I'm sure it was some sort of automated thing because we would always see the same half dozen or so phrases spouted by the NPC. There was nothing endearing about it. Not like Christmas 2010 when staff members were operating the NPCs and actually interacting with us.

Speaking of Christmas, I'm still pissed about Christmas 2012. What the sloppy ******** was that about? Worst event in the history of social media events.

So yeah, I just don't see the departure of Kenny as that big of a deal. Whomever he replaced was a far greater loss. Now maybe this means that future events are going to be more half-assed non-events like the recent Valentines (so-called) event, with recycled crap features and recycled crap items that are already floating around in Dumpster Dive. Or maybe no events at all. Oh but you can be sure that they'll be replaced with a cargo ship full of cash shop announcements for themed items that we can buy. ******** a whole bunch of that. I'm so goddamned sick of logging in every day to a ******** of announcements. We're up to five a day now! I was bitching back in October over three a day, but now five! I can remember not logging in for a week and not having ten announcements, but now you only have to miss two days and your announcement cue is full. That's some s**t right there.

So good luck Uncle Kenny, in whatever greener pastures and future endeavors await you. I'm sure the coming year will have even me missing your recycled battle events.

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