So a lot can happen over a year when your not sucked into the world of the WWW's (aka the internet). A ton was changed once I wasn't pulled in by the quicksand of the "real" world. I've become a lot happier. I've made more friends. Heck I even got an awesome amazing boyfriend heart . And I owe it all to church (not trying to make it sound odd or stupid as you think).

So I met this guy at a church activity (sounds boring but it wasnt- we made food!). He went on and on continuously about bacon rolleyes . About a week or two later he (get this) tricked me into our first date! hahaha

So how did he manage to do that? He got a bunch of people to agree to go ice skating with him, including me, Then cancelled on everyone with the exception of my friend Mae, her boyfriend, and of course myself. It was a fun-tabulous date! we later got hamburgers and played "what if.'

I've done the CRAZIEST things with him. We went to the movies (who doesnt with their bf/gf?), we went to this trampoline place where we started this tradition with some friends (you have to yell "yee doggie" or else they wont start up the bull for you), we've gone bowling, sledding, and to the zoo. We've written letters (snail-mail and email), we've played with my nieces and nephews, gone on walks to the Sonic by my house. The best times of my life are with him.

heart The best of the best are when we sneak off and he shows off his amazing piano skillz heart

No one has EVER made me this happy in my whole life. whee Or smile this much. blaugh or even laugh this much. rofl

I've grown so much through him and his amazing family. They helped me in the way that I really needed the help; SPIRITUALLY. They've assisted me so much and as a result I'm:
heart Happier
ninja less angry
cool Willing- to do new stuff (doesn't mean I'm going to eat fish any time soon though)
pirate Inspired- to become better (in general) and write more
blaugh Listening to amazing -good- music smile
3nodding More emotional- in tune with those around me (not necessarily a bad thing)

heart He and his family have done so much for me and I hope, one day they can see it. sweatdrop