A while ago, I had a pretty good friend that I talked to every day. We had a lot in common and also alot that we didn't have in common, but it worked for us. We never went a day without talking. And when we did go a day without talking, things went back to normal fast. I could trust him and laugh with him. I remember telling him that I wouldn't ever go away, that I would be his friend for a long time to come. That I wouldn't ever disappear, but sadly, the day has come to where I don't think things between he and I should no longer exist.

Things fell to crap not too long ago. We got into a rather large argument about something rediculous and idiotic. I shared a piece of my past and he didn't approve I don't think. We didn't talk for a while and our relationship became strangled. Once we did begin talking, this seemed to go back to normal but there was still a peice of me that couldn't understand. That couldn't forgive his actions. That little peice of me, no matter how small it was, over time grew until I could no longer think otherwise. I could feel the crack in our friendship and over time, the friendship collapsed again.

I can't seem to think about why our relationship fell to peices. I don't want to think it's because we weren't strong enough or because we gave up. But that's not what I'm doing. I'm not giving up, it's not in my nature to give up. If anyone here actually does read this and you know me, you'll know I'm very stubborn and I fight for what I feel I should. So no, I'm not giving up. I'm letting go.

I'm not letting go because you are unimportant to me. Everyone that I call my friend has importance. I'm letting go because the arguments are causing me pain and frustration. I need to worry about myself before I worry about others. It's hard to me to say these things to you, but it's what I feel is right. These are things that need to be said because I just can't take this arguing and fighting anymore.

So, as this little rant comes to an end, I must say again that I can no longer be a friend. Although it pains me to say that, it must be said. I can't talk to you or read over the texts you send me because it just makes me that much more upset when I read over your words. It's what is best for me. So, I'm sorry, but this is my final goodbye to you. I'm going to have to let you go now.