Heavenly Father, please give your children a hunger and thirst for you. Give them a desire to seek and live out what you consider love, truth, righteousness, peace, wisdom, justice—the will of the Most High God—no matter their situation or their nation's situation: whether in comfort, pain, emotional turmoil or at peace, in lack or rich. Whether they'll be persecuted for pursuing this or not.

People living in comfort and peace are in the most danger; I would include myself in this category. Keep our minds sharp so we're not lulled into complacency. Mental slumber / a lessened spiritual acuity is our threat; this society lulls us to a point where we fail to detect sin hiding behind a sensually-appealing wrapper. Help us cut out those "limbs"/luxuries/extra, unneeded parts of our lives that make us sin.

Keep your children seeking justice always. Build, and preserve, a loving and kind nature within us. Erase all ruthlessness from our being while retaining a wholehearted integrity to the truth. Keep us walking in the Spirit with all gentleness and patience. May we continue being conformed to the image of your son: always wanting to do your will even if it's not politically-correct.

For the apostate and unrepentant: open their eyes fully to the fallen nature of Adam; only then will they fully abhor the Adamic nature we were born with, see our need to be born-again, so we're not living as slaves to the desires of the flesh, but as slaves to what is spiritually nourishing.

Guide them to the knowledge of how much of a sinner they are and the many ways they transgress your law. Give them no excuse to say on judgment day: "I was never given an opportunity to decide", "I called out and you didn't answer", "I didn't have a chance to repent of what you call sin", "I never came across information telling me not to try to justify any of my behavior", "I was never told I couldn't justify myself by my own merit into your kingdom".

To those who will respond to your truth, make them absolutely hate whatever you find an abomination. May they love all things righteous and true. May they accept the proper atonement sacrifice and show their saved state by their deeds.