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M's Log
(note, this journal is in character.)
Sin Gifts
((The original post for this was a loooooong time ago...))

M had been in her room most of the day on Christmas Eve and strange sounds could be heard long after the castle had settled down for sleep. The next day she'd shown up in the main room, bearing seven strange boxes, each wrapped in a different colored paper. Brimming with excitement, M presented her Gifts:

My gift to Wrath: Reaper's Tomb

Reapers' Tomb is a seemingly innocent pendant that hangs from a pure silver chain. It took a while to locate the finest sapphire to be carved into a dragon for this pendant, but upon searching through Limbo, M's soul was able to find the perfect one for the job and send her shadows to carefully collect it. In truth, its tiny eyes are actually two tiny pieces of a soul gem, which bind it to its master, the Sin of Wrath. Reaper's Tomb was designed with the idea that Rancor could not protect Wrath when needed.

Carved by M herself, it is imbued with her magic, making it more indestructible than iridium. When attacked, Tomb reflects the attack almost as well as Seer and sends it back tenfold. Wrath's defenses become impenetrable! Because of the gem, Tomb can activate at any time Wrath wishes, whether on a bad day or simply to keep glompers away. Tomb's effects are automatic, tied directly to Wrath's will, so it can be activated without thinking about it and Tomb will normally act in such a way as to make it seem automatic to attacks. Though Tomb is linked directly to Wrath's magic, is does not use much, if any, power. Aside from making Wrath untouchable, Tomb can also change its form to anything it's master wishes, no matter what it is (Though food is not recommended around gluttons). It can be worn as anything, but unless Tomb is being worn, it is powerless.

My Gift to Pride: Winter's Tonic

Winter's Tonic is a ring. The onyx for the ring's center was found in the coldest pits of Mezacrakus upon M's request and hand crafted into a rose design. The rose is welded to pure silver, protecting its master, the Sin of Pride, from any dark creature foolish enough to get that close. Winter's Tonic is a surprising little ring that M thought of after an encounter and talk with Pride. No fire was cold enough to create this gift and still maintain the Onyx's chill, so M had to do it by hand, weaving it together by the most powerful binding she could. She added tiny pieces of soul gem to the little rose, making it appear to be dew. There was an inscription on the inside of the ring, but it wouldn't be visible unless Pride wasn't wearing it. Then again, it doesn't work unless worn.

Winter's Tonic was created for Pride so that he would not have to use his potion to heal those who contracted his poison from kissing his lips. Before you cast the ring aside as useless, keep listening. Tonic is a slave to its master, which means it will only release the antidote when Pride chooses. Anyone else will still be affected by the poison that is Pride. Also, Tonic causes anyone who looks upon Pride to immediately be filled with Envy, as if they didn't already. With Tonic, Pride can also control anyone in the same room as him to do his bidding, though he has to actively concentrate and can only control one mind at a time. Tonic is by far the strongest gift created.

My Gift to Envy: Chasing Moonbeams

Chasing Moonbeams is shaped like an hourglass and attached to the wrist like a watch. The hourglass is made of iridium based emeralds, polished until the inside is able to be seen into. M melded the emeralds around tiny pieces of soul gems in order to make them seem like sand inside the hourglass. Enchanting the little pieces to move on their own once activated, M was rather pleased to discover her little device actually worked as intended. The strap is high quality leather affixed with small dragon scales in order to keep it strong, yet still flexible. The buckle is lightweight iridium.

The name hints at the powers Chasing Moonbeams was designed with. Like Billy's gift to Envy, this one is able to give its master the ability to be another person. Only, this ability lasts as long as Envy likes. Want to become a vampire for the night? Invoke Moonbeams and you can! Would you rather be one for the rest of your days? Your wish is the gifts' command. Envy can invoke Moonbeams to bestow many abilities at once, and can also copy items like Desire. Should Envy tire of any ability, merely think it gone and it shall be done. Yet, there is a catch. Even though you may possess the ability or item, Moonbeams will instill a feeling of that thing not being enough to fulfill your desires. Moonbeams was one of the hardest Gifts to create, yet the easiest to name. With Chasing Moonbeams, you can finally grab onto the unobtainable, only to realize there is still more out there.

My Gift to Greed: Fool's Gold

With Envy's gift done, M decided to try her hand at Greed's gift next. There were several failed attempts, of course, as Billy's gift seemed to do everything. Upon studying the descriptions, which M had penned from Billy's own works, she realized this was not the case, and soon set to work. For this gift, she had to take things directly from the Vault of Hades, where she'd found Lusts' rubies, and play the 'I'm Kuri's little sister, hand over the gems' card. It wasn't easy, and she had to sort through a lot of stones to find the perfect ones. All of her skills were used in creating Fool's Gold. Fool's Gold is a cape, similar to Lethargic Soul in design. Instead of threads of fate, M decided to take a different approach. Threads of gold. As for some of the almost flawless jewels, they were crushed into dust and each fine piece was attached by hand to the gold threads. Working with gold was the hardest part, as she had to make it just warm enough to bend without melting and keep it that warm. That was dangerous around her gift to Pride, which had to be kept chilled. So she left her room and created this gift in front of the fireplace while all others were asleep. She weaved together the threads enchanting them to hold some heat, so as not to harden completely and to not be icy cold against Greed's skin. Now for the collar. Made of lightweight tempered iridium and shards of soul gem, it glitters with the most flawless of every single jewel. The collar sits lightly on the shoulders, so as not to choke its master. Because the collar is lightweight, and the gold is enchanted, Greed would be unable to tell Fool's Gold was still there without looking. For its abilities, M had to weld a mater reclamater into the inside of the collar.

Though the name implies that the abilities are unreal, don't be fooled O Greedy one. Where Midas Clutch is used to make things more valuable, Fool's Gold is mainly used for defense, like Reaper's Tomb. But it is also a weapon. For defense, Greed simply needs to be threatened or attacked. Fool's Gold can, and will, surround it's master in a comfortably large dome of gold, yet it also becomes see through, so that it is hard for the attacker to know where Gold's barrier ends. With its reclamater, Fool's Gold is able to harden to be as strong as diamond, or soften like the finest of silks. This shield is impenetrable, also protecting Greed's mind from mental assaults by use of its soul gems. As for offense, Gold is able to amplify any spells Greed uses tenfold and fires them alongside its master’s spell. But its magic doesn't stop there. Gold can also release fine threads, used to trap the enemy or target, and bind them to where they cannot break free. All of Gold's offense is linked to its master's wishes, so Greed must invoke them before they will work.

My Gift to Sloth: Sandman’s Last Resort

With Lethargic Soul in Sloth's possession, there didn't seem to be much M could make. Failed attempt after failed attempt plagued the fox girl until she threw aside her works in frustration. What she needed was air, something to clear her head, but she was still unable to leave the castle. Going into her bathroom, M splashed lukewarm water onto her face to keep herself awake. That's when it hit her. Lethargic Soul could definitely suck out someone's life force and become a barrier, but there was still something left M could create. She set to work, fashioning a simple bracelet of extremely lightweight iridium. Dangling from the clasp was a small soul gem M had found. Once the bracelet was on, Sloth would not even feel its weight in the least.

For Sandman’s' Last Resort, M knew its powers had to be automatic, without Sloth having to think about it at all. Last Resort has the ability to use any spell. That's right, every single one. Also, any spell Sloth chooses to use will be increased 100fold. Anyone who fires a spell at Sloth will find their spell thrown back at them, 10fold. Sandman's Last Resort also gives Sloth control of the elements, to use, or not, as the Sin sees fit.

My Gift for Gluttony: Orion's Belt

And finally, for Gluttony. Nemesis could heat or chill to extreme temperatures, so the need for attacks or defense was not as great. M decided to create the item first and go back to add the enchantments later. As the name suggests, M created a belt out of the highest quality leather, reinforced with dragon scales for increased durability. The buckle was forged of iridium, of course, and the belt itself is adjustable to any size. The soul gem pieces are found underneath the impenetrable dragon scales.

The belt got its name when M tested it, almost blinding herself in the process. Able to produce large flashes of light earned the belt its name, but that's not all Orion’s Belt can do. 'Hunting for prey' becomes simple as the soul gems enable the buckle of the belt to produce small beams of light which can encase anyone or anything in a diamond sphere, just barely large enough for the item. These spheres can be heated or cooled to any temperature, similar to Nemesis, only there's no mess when Gluttony fillets someone alive. Gluttony can will the item released, and Orion's Belt will obey. Orion's Belt can also encase its master when the need for such a defense rises. Gluttony is the only one who can control the temperature or disperse of such containers.

My gift to Lust: The Cubi's Crown

After her previous gift for Lust did not go over as well as she had planned; M wiped the quickly gathering dust from her worktable and set to the finest white gold for her second try. With time, and tender, loving care, she crafted the metal into an unyielding, yet lightweight tiara, partially twisted into the shapes of violets and inlaid with rubies as red as Lust's own lips. Unable to make the passion colored gems match one another perfectly on their own, M sacrificed some of her own Hellion blood to taint them into the perfect shade. This had... interesting and powerful results, she soon discovered, and it took her ungodly amounts of self-control to finish the project. The final touch was to give her blood once more, this time to the soul gem itself, and enchant it into the center spike of the headpiece.
The crown's name comes from the old demons known as Incubi and Succubi, a race whose blood runs in the Hellion's own veins. This seemingly simple fashion accessory has unique properties that complement those of Raging Libido, Lust's whip of domination. The tiara allows its master to tap into the minds of their choosing, giving Lust the knowledge of their innermost desires and thoughts. With the lightest of touches, the Sin of Passion can spark the pleasure centers in their victim's mind, rendering them unable to resist not only the Sin, but also whoever else might be around at the time. The desire planted there can only be dispelled by giving in. It also grants the sensual Sin the ability to give themselves an impenetrable veil of glamour for up to 3 hours at a time, allowing them to even become that which is sought by their target.

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