I was spinning and spiraling out of control
I felt like someone had stolen my soul.
Gripping onto the edge of that dark abyss
Trying to keep away from Death’s sweet kiss.
My fingers were slipping, I couldn’t keep a grip.
I felt my body and sanity start to slip.
I reached out my hand and you grabbed a hold.
But your grip hurt and it was cold.
You smiled at me in a sickly way.
And I immediately knew that you wouldn’t stay.
Instead of helping, you made fun of my pain.
You dangled my heart on the end of a chain.
I trusted you but you just ridiculed me.
Insulted me in public where everyone could see.
With one quick shove, you threw me into that void
In that one moment, my world was destroyed.
I could hear you laugh as I started to fall.
Any remorse? No, none at all.
But luckily some people caught me when I fell.
And they stayed with me until I was well.
Now I’m standing here looking down at you.
You’re clinging to the edge like I was too.
You reach out your hand, you hold it out to me.
But I’m not at all like you, you see.
Are you expecting me to help you survive?
Are you expecting me to keep you alive?
Do you think that I will help you in your distress?
Well, I will tell you that the answer is yes.
I’ll grab on and I won’t let go.
And no, this isn’t all for show.
Helping you is what I really want to do.
You didn’t help me but I will help you.
When you reach out, I will help you live.
Because I never take, I always give.