I worked 8-5 today, and it was a smooth-a** open despite being short an opener and me being a little late with getting sandwich prep done.

It snowed during the whole shift, and it was like a blizzard out there! Huge globs of snow came piling down and all I wanted was to run out really quick to catch some snow on my tongue then run back inside! It felt so secluded, so cozy, so MAGICAL. Like we were all enclosed in our own little slice of the planet of Cafe Zupas while the mysterious, beautiful snow fell all around us for us to view and sigh at. I felt so happy at work because the line-up was perfect on my end; Becca on salad 1, me on meater/salad 2, and sandwich team was Crystal + Dallas, which they are a force to be reckoned with when paired together. I was so proud of EVERYONE today and the shift ran so nicely. 3nodding Andrew was also on door giving us constant feedback which was so encouraging to me to continue growing and get even better! I also got to switch to Salad1 for sometime and that was pretty fun for me, I enjoy Salad 1. xp So many customers were absolutely amazing through the line as well, being all friendly and sociable and polite and happy. I love it when I can share a happy experience with a customer! 4laugh
The part of my day which was the epitome of perfection, and the utter coincidence of life was when I was asking Crystal if she was going to Comic Con "FanXperience" in April because I wanted to get a group together to go with me, and she said "Well yeah, um actually I'm going because Dallas is going too 'causee~~~~" And then he cuts in saying,
I ******** DIEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!! XDDDDDDD I could barely contain my ******** excitement and even as I'm typing this I'm so enthralled and typing faster and making typos and alll that s**t and omgomgomgogaaasshshshhshsss ******** YEAH! Dallas. Is. Cool. Though he's still a goofball at times. ^^;
I felt bad excepting it, b/c I was fully prepared to pay my $175 for a VIP pass, but Dallas kept insisting to give me free vip's for anyone else who wants to go, (yay, family and so on)! He said it would be my birthday present, considering the first day of the con will be my 21st birthday, and it's going to be my FIRST con. blaugh
Aaaahhh, life~

I started tearing up, too, wanting to just burst out crying tears of pure ******** joy. My hands were shaking and I almost started to hyperventilate. > .< It truly felt like I was dreaming for a few moments there, because I literally stayed up until 4am the other night (when I had be at work at 8am) all hopped up with excitement about deciding to go to SLC Comic Con ''FanXperience'' and imagining what it'd be like to volunteer and experience it all! Although I had stayed up, I wasn't tired at all. Getting excited over it like I am gives me purpose, like exercising to feel good about myself cosplaying, and it gives me a reason to keep on truckin' on when I feel like there's just no point to anything I'm doing. HAVING A PASSION OR A HOBBY OR SOMETHING SIMPLE TO LOOK FORWARD TO, it gives you a different PERSPECTIVE, and really helps you enjoy things more and feel happy more often. whee There's still SO much to plan and organize before then, but come April 16th, I'll be struttin' my way through Salt Palace's doors, ready for anything and everything (and mostly to have FUN).
I'm elated.