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Personal Note- Micheal Vachal
Micheal Craven Vachal, the current leader of a Druidic order of mages that travel gintana as nomads, they recently vanished and have not bien heard of or seen in months, there last known were abouts were outside the Capitol city.

Returning to gintana in a truly unique flash, the druids rent the sky in thunder and razor rain, routing the forces of the young Overlord from the ancient city, saveing the lives of the princess and senior officers defending location, though they did not remain long, the following reports were made on serpate accounts of Micheal Craven Vachal and His Men dureing the fight.

Corporal Jennings. 32nd Devision ShockCore

Our unit while engageing the enemy forces at the inner gates of the Academy, we had bien pushed back to the landing and nearly lost the foot hold of the bridge when the clear skies, that had bien without clouds or even birds for days now, they suddenly darkened and filled with thick nasty black clouds, before we knew it the streets were soaked in the coldest rain you could imagine, so sharp it felt like it peirced the skin, and when the thunder broke out we saw the clouds break above, i couldent take my eyes away, men rideing massive creatures like nothing i could describe, rideing the lightning down into our war field, i still shake when remembering the feeling, when one of them landed on the bridge, lightning cleared the ground all around him as his beast crashed into the stone, like a force of nature itself he swept the bridge clean, ive never seen such power, i couldent bring myself to fight for days afterwards, even after they had left.

General Hammond, Southern Forces Commander

Our forces had bien routed hours before they arrived, the shere numbers of our foe were an unstopable wave of teeth and steel, though our men fuaght one to every four, and gave them hell, within two days they had pushed us from the borders and out of the city into the acedmy grounds, we were prepareing for a final stand and attempting to close the three entery points into the acedemy, the bridge, the coast road and the mountain gates, saddly we had sealed the latter two but the enemy had pushed all their forces to the bridge and with our forces split in three we had no chance to retake the bridge.

i was standing at the Council main chambers balcony, looking over the failing situation, moments from sounding for a final stand, if we were to loose we would have made it cost them deerly..but as if the gods could hear our inner prayers, the Druids of the North came from a sudden storm, rideing lightning on there ungodly terrifying beasts stright down into the battlefield, the hell they wruaght in mere moments of there arrival was truly spectacular, i suggest highly that we make moves to aquire there technical skills for the kings personal forces, they would boalster our forces in this war more then any superior sized force,

Ltn Commander Kiesper, 4th Devision - First officer of Second Platoon

I was posted on the mountain gate, our unit had easily pushed through the enemy lines to seal the gates and ensure the enemy could not access the acedmy grounds, we saw shortly adfter though that our ease came at the cost of the men sent to the bridge gate, the enemy forces had made a [lay right under our noses and suceeded, i was looking down the high mountain road to the bloodbath in the courtyard, our brothers and sisters bien overwhelmed and.....sluaghtered by those vile creatures...thats when it happened, i had not held a prayer for our survival, and like some ancient legend from childhood the tides were suddenly altered.

I had met Druid Leader Micheal only once before that day, at a banquet with my father in the capitol, and if not for his destintive beard and tattoos i would not have recognized him, as his men overwhelmed the battlefield not only on the bridge but all through the city and the borders aswell, i saw him land on the bridge, his beast was terrifying even from a distance, but what truly shook me to my core was he himself, he was not like the man i had met, you hear stories about the druids, nomads who cherish peace and the buety of nature.....they were demons, and there leader, an unholy force of nature itself, it seemed like his skin was split everywere as ligtning tried to escape his flesh, everyone who even came near him turned black and fell, the scent of burning flesh filled the air even were i stood, so far from the actual battle...but it was his eyes.....he had them closed, he never once opened those eyes, i dont know why but that is what has stuck in my head.

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