So another story about working in care.
This one started before I got the job, I'd just been shown around the buildings and got to meet a couple clients, everything had gone well and Dad had decided to treat me to a Burger.
When we got there I saw two of the clients and two support staff eating I said hello had a little chat and then went to get my food.
Half way through eating I saw one of the clients kick up a massive fuss wanting to see something behind the counter the two support staff struggled to calm her down as she's not a small girl but eventually did and got the young lady home.
When I started work the staff that where out that day couldn't believe I'd come back after seeing that, to this day we joke about how I should have run, at the time I just needed a job now it's more than that.
I've faced some difficult decisions while working there when being offered different jobs but I've always stayed. I face a new one now as my boyfriend seems to want to get a place together a little sooner than expected but I'm just going to see what this year brings.