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Yeah I love God. That's about it. lol
RP Sample from ARWT (For those who want to know how I rp)
As the three were either in bed, or rummaging through various vegetation, the two priests on the tree next to them were yet wide awake. They were pacing nervously, and arguing in a quiet voice, as to not disturb the three that knew nothing of their plans. "I can't believe there were other survivors, and that the portal had opened to the wrong realm!", Lortimar hissed. Little beads of sweat lined his blue wrinkles as he thought of the punishment his masters might bestow upon him. "As if matters were bad enough, no one survived to be slaves! What if they take us, instead? Oh! I know they will-""Shut up, you blubbering wench!" Lortimar interrupted Nefti's panic attack with a stern glare and a hand signal to his lips, silencing her.
"We just have to come up with a good plan. Perhaps we can let them know that the other two are creatures from the other world, and that we have the Paradigm in our possession..." Lortimar stroked his cobalt beard in thought. "What? That little twerp? What good would she possibly be to them? They care nothing for the powers of elemental healing. What they're seeking are destructive forces." Nefti's face scrunched up in disgust at the mention of the woman. "You really must be some sort of idiotic to not know that she possesses the blessing of Cerulina in her! If you think, for one second, that she isn't capable of sundering the world as we know it, you must be stupider than I thought, indeed!" With each word that proceeded from his mouth, he became quietly stern.
"Well, what are we waiting for? Contact them. We must let our masters know what is in store for them..." Nefti smiled wickedly at the idea of Jessirei and her meddlesome companions being tortured and brain-washed. "You are an evil b***h, you know that? That's why I chose you to be my consort..." Lortimar accompanied her with his own triumphant grin, and placed his hand under her chin. "You just remember that you belong to me, no matter if the either of us become enslaved." With that, he fiercly planted his mouth upon hers, and with a strength as if he were a young commander in the war again, gripped her hair and pushed her to the floor. "You sit there and be quiet as I contact Master Xervexagon. You know how he hates females of any sort. Weaklings, he calls them. So on, so forth. Now, hush!"
Reaching into his immaculate robe, he pulls out a red stone the size of a doorknob, and begins to chant into it. "Simul ergo c** in unum congregamur Ne nos mente dividamur caveamus -" His ancient latin chant from the days of old made the tree tremble, and a rip with blood red light appeared in front of him. Nefti shivered from the sheer power of the chant, and her eyes widened in fear as a massive, grotesque hand grabbed out to them, and latched onto one edge of the tear. She gasped when another hand protruded next to it, and began to wrench the tear open further, to reveal a face almost as gnarled as the hands. However frightening he was, however, he was also handsome, in a dominant and prideful kind of way.
Her eyes fixed on him; this Xervexagon. His eyes were a deep scarlet, as were his mane and beard, which reached to the base of his throat. His skin was as black as ebony, and permanent scowl lines were etched into the sides of his downward-pointed lips, and between his heavy-set brows. His shoulders came into view, and they were very broad, with a barrel-set chest. Everything about him was massive, and she marveled at his dangerous beauty. Finally, one trunk-like, hooved leg appeared, and she found that most intruiging. 'I never knew the Savages were so mighty... If only he didn't hate females; I would be his slave, if I could.' Her thoughts were none innocent as she let her eyes feast on this beast of a creature.
"What do you call me for, peasant? I could remove your skull with a flick of my wrist. You better be quick about your business, and it better be of some importance to me." His voice was like booming thunder, however, before the conversation started, the chant had also formed a scarlet, sound-proof barrier around the tree-house. Nefti shuddered with delight at the deep baritone that seemed to roll right through her. "M-Master Xervexagon, it is, indeed, an important matter as to why I've called you here. You see-", Lortimar swallowed the bile that threatened to reach his mouth, and licked his lips nervously. "The portal did not function as planned. There were no survivors-" Xervexagon grabbed his robe's collar with one meaty fist and lifted him with ease to his eye-level. "Fool. Did you not think I would have sent a scout to witness the event? I know what took place, and I know that there are none left who live, save you and two mutants. Unless you have any details that my scout may have missed, I suggest you start begging for mercy!!"
With that last word, he flung him to the floor next to where Nefti was. Stammering, he quickly knelt on his knees and hurriedly tried to spit out the details that his Master seemed to be missing. "F-f-forgive m-me, Master! There are some details you must know! The girl, one of the mutants, is the Paradigm, and the other two creatures are from the great Beyond!-" "Other two? My scout's report told me there was only a male and a female. Very well, worm. Tell me all you know, and I may not kill you." The expression on Xervexagon's face was unreadable. His countenance was that of pure hatred, and it made the room feel cold. Nefti adored it.
As Lortimar was explaining everything to him, Nefti was slowly inching her way to his hoof. Finally, she was able to get close enough to bow to it, and Xervexagon's strong, and veined hand raised up to silence Lortimar. "This wench, mongrel. She desires something from me. If you do not take her from my vicinity, I shall stomp her head in." She froze in excited fear, and tarried for a few moments longer. Lortimar looked at her in disgust; heart-broken at the realization that she desired the creature that would kill him. "Have your way with her, Master. She no longer means anything to me." An evil smirk crossed Xervexagon's features as he veered at Lortimar. "Puny Lapisians. You have no manners. Very well, slimeball. I shall take her and torture her to my own discretion. Mercy will not be a factor in my realm, mortal. Beg for mercy now, before we return."
She shivered with delight at the thought of finally being near this new God before her. "I go willingly, Master. I am yours to destroy, as long as you'll have me near you." Disgust boiled in both of the males' cores as she showed her true self before each of them. "A slave does not negotiate with it's Master, you inconceivable tramp! You'll get yours. Lortimar! Your news is appreciated, and I shall be contacting you again, soon. Be ready tomorrow, for a great portion of my legion will be arriving to claim what is rightfully mine." A puff of red smoke left his nostrils as he snorted in disdain for the thing at his feet. Nefti smiled.
She will feel loved at the lashings of his hands.

Xervexagon grabbed the evil witch by her hair and drug her back with him through the portal. She managed to turn around a few seconds before the portal closed, and gave a wicked grin in Lortimar's direction. The moment the rip and barrier dematerialized, a tear formed in his eye. 'I am now alone,' he thought ruefully to himself. 'I must stay hidden until the Master's legion arrives. In fact, I need to relocate. I saw a small cave a little ways to the south. I'll sleep there for the night...' With those thoughts moving through his aged mind, he grabbed his stone, which had been flung to the left side of the room, and made his way back through the black forest, his only light being the glowing vegetation.

'I am all alone...'

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