Work Hard, Play Hard

Nothing in life comes easily, you gotta work hard for it and then you gotta play hard & go get 'em. It doesn't stop there because once you've reached your goal, you gotta keep working and playing hard. In everything that you do, especially if it's something you're passionate about, give it all you got.

I'm a hella not passionate about school, but I gotta work hard in order for me to play hard in my future. And even then, I'm not gonna stop. I'm gonna keep working hard and playing hard in my future job and I will love it. My future job, I will be hella passionate about.

In your relationships--work hard, play hard. Relationships and friendships, they don't come easy. Ya work for it. Ya play in it. Then you work for it some more so that you can play in it more.

Don't be easy. The most successful people in this world didn't take it easy. They all worked hard to be where they're at and that's what I want. I want to be up there with the "elite", the successful people who not only have amazingly well-paying jobs, but also with a happy, loving family. Ain't always about the money.