i've told you this before
but something you told me before
always made me fall
just a little more in love

we used to stay up late
cradling our phones
waiting for the next text
and every so often
i would say something
without even realizing
and chip off a small piece
of your frozen heart
to put in my pocket
and i keep hoping that by now
i've got enough pieces
to puzzle it together
like a bloody jigsaw

but not the kind from hollywood
because i don't want to play games
i just want to piece together
the little tongues and blanks
i won on those late night texting sprees
and now that i've won the tongue
that i really wanted
i find the jigsaw might be complete

and sometimes i would get stuck on
which pieces interlocked
but every time i found one that fit
you would send me a single word
the kind in your stomach
that fluttered up into your chest
and forced your fingers to send the message
sometimes with a little blushing face

and i would imagine
that you were blushing in reality
and if i were there
you would try to hide it from me
the same way you always do
when i hold you
and it's always adorable

and i've told you this before
but sometimes i find my hand wandering
down past your breasts
where they should so naturally rest
and holding your stomach
not because i think it's erogenous
and maybe it ruins the mood
but i do it just to see
if i can still feel the little shudders
the kind that come from tiny wings
flapping in unison

and obviously i don't feel them
i know there aren't really butterflies
but i like to imagine that right now
they're just cocoons
waiting to emerge as beautiful
winged creatures that will take flight
into your chest and their wings
will give you the breath you need
to tell me that you have butterflies
and when you do i'll tell you
the same thing i've always thought
whenever you told me about them

i'm falling for you more
with every butterfly heart flutter word...