SO I really should have been studying. Oh well. We'll see how the test goes tomorrow haha. It's currently 3:30am. I should be contemplating leaving. I promise I will get back to my Jedi fan-fiction short. In the meanwhile, read this haiku I wrote while someone I dislike commented on my status.

Go suck on a d**k
I don't think you understand
I really hate you.

Anyway, here is another section. I kinda wrote it. I'll see if I like it later.

The cloaked man donned a crooked smirk as he watched Fairen try and fight back his attempt to bring her closer to him.

“Kairos, why are you even here? You shouldn’t have turned your back on us! We were trying to help you!” Her shrieking caused Kairos to grimace, and he slowly pivoted to face the control panel.

He was polite enough to let her finish complaining. He didn’t want to seem more intimidating then he actually needed to be for the moment, so he placed his hand behind his back, and laced his fingers. She didn’t need to know he could manipulate the force without using his hands.

“There was nothing they could have done to help me. Instead of helping me deal with my anger, they merely told me to hide it. Why hide something that destroys you from the inside out?”