Hi Guys!

So, this time I didn't forget to post a happy thought for the 17th. And the happy thought for today is cleaning up my room!!! Woow, I threw away so much paperwork I didn't even know I still had! And it is releaving. Because I'm moving out of my studentroom back into my bedroom at my parents house. It's a somewhat difficult discission, but I haven't found any work yet and because I can't pay the room anymore, I'm moving back.

Plus, my bedroom at home is bigger than the studentroom I've been living in. And I love my bedroom!!! ^^ So, a clean-up was needed and it was also good to sort stuff in my head. Not all is clear yet, but some of it is. And when my desk and stuff is gone I'm going to re-decorate some stuff. Wonderful.

See you guys later! Have a good day today!