This week was okay, like last week. Less stress, but then again, when things get worse my room mate likes to go out and get nice things to make things better somehow, which he's been doing this past week. He probably thinks I don't notice. Usually, before everything turns into a turd pile for us, everything seems to be going great. One of the reasons I don't bother enjoying good times. I know its all going to go down the sh*tter.

Moving on (for now), as it should be apparent, I haven't lost internet yet. It is lovely to still have it, but considering what we're facing as far as money goes, I know it won't stay like this.

Last week the thing I forgot about was progress on my writing. I've got a lot figured out, but not names. I generally do them last to prevent getting overly attached to my characters. The name (somehow) solidifies who the character is personality wise, and their past, present, and future become permanent. At least that is how it works in my mind. Also since I like to create the names that are in a fictional universe, it allows me a separate time to focus on making sure their names all sound like they come from the same place. However, right now I'm stuck on names for fantasy 02. I should have started writing by now. I've only got one name and others that pop into my head don't seem like they are from the same world. Grr...

Speaking of names, I ran across someone else's thread about their characters, and the names appeared out of place. After a bit of discussion with that person, I researched names on wiki and now I have an idea of how to deal with names in the scifi I am working on. I had out of place names for that one and had to throw them all out. The way I'm doing it now should help me to rename them.

And one last thing I'd like to mention: I finally got around to playing through the entirety of the first God of War game. I f*cking hated it. I played on normal difficulty all the way until the final boss battle. I spent two f*cking hours on it and then said "f*ck it* and switched to easy mode just so I could finish the damn thing. The story was idiotic many times, the only part of which I liked was about the architect and his family. It was very sad, yet a good story on its own. I'd love to see something of a tragedy storyline in a game. Shadow of the Colossus sounds like it would be that sort of thing, but I haven't been able to get my hands on it. Back to God of War, the storyline was predictable. I knew how things were going to go from the point of meeting the grave digger early on. The combat, which I was told was what the game was mostly about, was unfair at times, and boring at others. There were very few moments where I thought it was exciting in any sense of the word. For example, there was a room that was filled with a bunch of gorgons, and I would die a cheap death when I was unavoidably turned into stone as another gorgon attacked. Instant death, start over stare There was another point where I was trying to get past some death fans and because the check point system wasn't very good at that point, I ended up doing the same section for over an hour. The boring bits were when I had to sit there, surrounded by enemies, and just block for several minutes hoping that at some point I'd have an opening to attack. Very, very boring. There were other times that I would know I couldn't beat a group of enemies, so I took advantage of the cliffs: jump, attack, land, jump, attack, land, jump, attack, land. Over and over and over and over. Usually took five minutes to kill something that way. I also noticed early on that if I was too far away when an enemy died and I didn't get close really fast, I didn't get the orbs they dropped. Why would a programmer do that? "congrats you killed them! but no reward for you! hahahahaha!" F*cking assholes. Then there is the stupid leveling system: hold the button down to level. Why? Its f*cking annoying. The higher level ones can take a minute or two of doing that and there is zero reason for it other than to annoy the player. This game series should have stopped at the first one. But no, since the games were bundled with the ps3 I have to play them all. Damn it. I'll eventually get to the second one. Not now though. I'm still haunted by the first one at the moment emotion_donotwant