Why do you have to make me feel like the bad person?
Why won't you let me be happy.
You're a wreck, I've moved on
You gave me nothing but pain.
Yes we were happy but you threw it all away
I was willing to fight, I was willing to take a break
This break up isn't forever
What you expect me to wait around..
Like you said
I'm tired of waiting.
I literally hid you from my parents
I literally cared about you
All those promises you made me
Lies and bullshit
You hurt me more times I can even count
I did love you
But after I grew tired, You stopped caring
I started doubting
Now.. Just let me be happy
I want you to move on
Find a girl that will treat you better than me
I had to cut you off
I can't deal with the pain.
I'm sorry youre angry..
I can understand
But its not my fault.
You made me feel like the shittiest girlfriend in the world
You literally were Aka too busy for me
I'm done