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art ideas
sher tickle john john stop mad sherlock saf comes hugs they happy and kiss nose

Evil anna sitting on throne stepping on dead sister infatuated hans watching off to the side.

John has gryffindor tatto that roars

adam and steve but steve feels more like a eve gods a guy doesn't know what a girl is they talk god makes steve eve adams a little weirded out but is cool.

sherlock john kiss.

sherlock nervous asks john to accomany to hogsmede johns conffused they always go together sherlock gets made storms out. John confides in molly. So tells him to watch sherlock more closly and with a mind more set on the heart. john doesn't get it but does start watching sherlock more. Is supprised by how offten he catches his eye at seemingly random instences. sees sherlock blush. all his attention makes sherlock nervous he shows signs that john would swear were flirting and hints of a crush. Denies it sherlock doesn't do crushes. He stays up all nught thinking about other times he;s brushed of sherlcok being weird and mentally kicks himself. Sherlock loves him. hogsmede comes sherlock looks dejected but they go anyway. John gets some courage and holds hands with sherlock. Sherlocks plesantly supprised. john kisses him on the cheek and they start going out. maybe add john struggling with maybe not liking sherlock but yeah he likes sherlock.

punk sherlock

john is bought by sherlocks parents to be his friend.

John talks about sarah current girlfriend while sherlock reads in ravenclaw common room. He gets annoyed but doesn't know why complains all john talks about latly is sarah sarah sarah and says hes bored of it and to leave if he wont talk about something else john leaves in a huff sherlock sad and confused

sherlock realising he loves john molly helps. maybe mentions his irrritation with sarah.

sherlock iceslating pro like. john watcing sherlock skates to john and kisses him then skates off all smooth like with out missing a beat.

sword fight between an angel and a Griphon

lazer gun fight between a lizard and made up alien on weird planet broken ship in BG

dragon and girl

angry lion man glaring down and aggressive goat boy.

dancing fairy troupe.


John IS Moriarty

"Hello sherlock." Opens jacket and smiles Sherlocks eyes widen as he barely breathes johns name. Realization dawning. "Oh? Are you surprised? Thats new. I thought you were so clever Sherlock? Able to deduce everything?" He chuckles and turns towards the pool. Snipper on sherlock not scared of the gun. "Did you really think someone could actually love you? Your just a freak!" Looks Sherlock right in the eyes with a sly smile. "Just like me. Did you really think I found all your little tricks so fascinating? I just wanted to see the great consulting detective at work all close and personal." Sherlocks hands are shaking he can't believe what he's hearing. But he has to. He knows it's true. Who could ever see him as anything other then a freak. "I wanted to see the other side, test who was better." He lowers his gun and whispers Johns name holding back tears. "I was better" "Stupid so stupid, should have known the signs were so obvious." Sherlock laughs sadly. "What about stamford?" "He knew nothing. They never know anything, can never see the truth beneath the facade." "Your sister?" "Made up I just wanted to give you something for you to WOW me with. Congrates sherlock you were the ultimate puzzle and I solved you." Has flash back of Johnlock moments here, Is staring broken at john "None of it was true. None of it." John almost looks hurt. He looks angry and turns around leaving muttering "Always to easy everything ends to soon. BANG John turns Sherlock lays lifeless the gun limp in his hand and a hole in his head. Johns eyes widened and he screeches no with anger and despair. He collapses by sherlock Whispers "idiot, it wasn't all lies." Cries goes black.

(Sherlock looks at kohnlock scenes in a darker light, Dark tendriles around panel. Past memories of lack of love. Content beofre death)

"Congrates sherlock you were the ultimate puzzle and I solved you."John hunting not playing.

Girl in love dancing, dark and red tones, spanish, barfoot, swooshy dress, short brown hair, looking over her shoulder and flinging dress in direction of eye sight. Maybe flowers? obviously laughing. very happy. one arm not visible. The other sort straight. away foot firmly planted with her leaning that way, other leg bent with just toes on the ground. thick lashes, blushy face. white teeth. long skirt, tightly pleated. curled bob. bow action line on away side Draw second picture with man in fancy clothes chasing her equally happy, maybe not so fany clothes, all spanish.

"What I say isn't all of what I mean" Made of ice and in water like an ice berg, What I say is above water. Isn't all of what I mean is below water.

two people about to drink from same cup. Arms crossed like X cup is chalice, two short haired people light colored hair/skin dark eyes, dark clothes dark background light colored chalice.

dark browns and reds, highlights light brown, black tacked on, horns, spiky fun hair. work on this more.

timer on wrist till meeting soulmate. Person has to visit granparents grave day supposed to reach 0 doesn't want to go mom talks them into it, saying they wont meet them sitting at home, wanders around the grave yard as the timer counts to 0 stops infront of a new grave stone just died last week person starts crying as the counter is at 0 "s**t" is the last ting you see.

Little baby broom tag

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