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potato soft taco
i am an enabler. a horrible horrible enabler.

and my price? a potato soft taco.

J sent a mass PM to all of us here in JP "i'm at taco bell, does anyone want me to bring them something?"
Taco Bell is pretty much only in big cities, like Seoul. And here in South Korea, Taco Bell is actually pretty good - better quality ingredients and not greasy - at least not what I've ordered.
I wasn't going to reply at all. And then I saw it. I saw Rob order a potato soft taco.
What on earth is that? It sounds like bliss. I didn't know such a thing existed.
*cries like a little girl* I really want to try one. Oh!
Then J pops up in a separate PM - "Do you want anything from Taco Bell?"
It proves he was WAITING. Like if he offers everyone Taco Bell, he might be able to see me to deliver taco bell.
But that potato soft taco was already whispering my name like a sweet sweet lover. Oh my word. Potato. soft. taco. and fire sauce. Don't you know fire sauce is like nectar? AHHHHH!
So I told him 1 potato soft taco.

And when he finally showed up to deliver it - he hadn't delivered Khoi's yet.
He was letting the cold in, so I was trying to hurry him.
He looked pretty good - after I read his "the anesthesia wore off during my wisdom teeth extraction, so i gasped and the nurse freaked and cut my face with a scalpel" story - I expected him to look haggard and rough. Nope. He looked fresh and lively, and the cut on his face wasn't bad at all.
He made the motion for a hug. I gave him a weak one arm hug like I'd give any other guy.

Am I a sad person for accepting the taco? or is he a sad person for possibly going out of his way to get me the taco? I mean --- he did get everyone else tacos who wanted them...

And I forgot to pay him. I bet he's secretly enjoying that victory. Why?

Last week, I randomly ran into him in the road just outside my building. We live in the same building, but I don't run into him often. I was going out to buy water, and he was just coming home. He told me he was going to get dinner with David and they were going to watch helsing after that. He invited me to eat with them. This was right after I'd had all that trouble with muscle spasms. I didn't feel like cooking, and I said so. I said if David comes, then sure I'd go with them.
So we went out, and I thought we were going to Cows Over Flowers, but that's when J started talking about shabu shabu, and then he remembered the cold noodle place also does duck now. So we flipped a coin and got duck.
He wasn't going to accept my paying for dinner. Dinner was a little over 40 for all 3 of us. So I put 10 in his pocket and he was all "I'm not accepting this." But I stood my ground. He decided to settle it with rock paper scissors. I won so he had to accept the money. He wasn't happy.
He's not the type to forget that either.

Anyway. I have apple bread in mini loafs, and I have italian chicken and a baked potato calling me.

Oh and that potato soft taco was delicious. Bless whoever invented it!

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Feb 16, 2014 @ 06:56pm
The potato taco is new here too but I haven't tried it yet. I must now! And you're not horrible for accepting free food. I told my sister-in-law that if someone offers to buy you food, take it. I'm a cold-hearted person and will accept a free dinner anytime (as long as nothing is expected in return).

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