He sighed, frustrated at the events of yet another day. Jazz was becoming a larger issue in his life. After being attacked by a vampire She'd been staying with Him. He was in her room now, relaxing and talking with her.

Now it was Him, Ali, Jazz, Kitty, and that girl staying in his home. Great...

Kitty had been staying close to Jazz since her attack as well, and was in one of her moods again. She had it in her mind she should sleep in a cage, like an animal.

"Kitten, get up here." He said, motioning to the bed. "I will not have you sleeping in a cage."

But She ignores him and runs off to hunt for the vampire that had attacked Jazz. Kitty could be a pain, but She knew loyalty...most of the time.

By then Jazz had fallen asleep, and He wouldn't be staying with her. He had his own place. But, yet again, there was an interruption. Kitten was bothering someone already, straying from her mission within moments of beginning it. Normally He wouldn't care. The students could handle her on their own without much problem. But this student held a special interest to him. It was Her. The freshman girl He'd met. He vanished from His home, heading straight for the forest. Straight for her.

He arrived silently, as was he preferred way of doing anything. "Attacking someone again, Kitty?" She replied with a snarl and an insult of his intelligence. She explained that she was following a different scent and came across the Girl. She insulted him again for leaving Jazz.

"Jazz is safe, She's in my home." He reasoned, but only got further insult before She ran off. Loyalty, most of the time.

He stepped closer to the girl and she finally stirred, she had most likely been sleeping in the tree until then. She caught sight of him and blushed. Her eyes seemed to dim from sadness, her blush fading, as she processed what He had said. He quickly soothed her thoughts. "She's there for protection."

The girl's eyes widened, her deep blush returning. She hid her face in her knees. "O-Oh! I-I'm sorry..."

The action infuriated him. He wanted to see her face, her smile, and that blush. He'd been waiting for so long now to see her again, every day filled with that longing. "Will you stop doing that? Why would you hide your face?"

His words must have been too much. She jumped from her resting place and ran into the forest, leaving something behind. A book by the look of it, one for sketches.

It had fallen open to one page, the most recent one by the looks of it. It was the sketch of a man done in pencil. The eyes appeared to have been erased several times, giving the face a blurred, mysterious look about it. Despite the portrait's missing features, there was no mistaking who it was.

It was of him. He didn't know what to say, but His thoughts were in perfect order. To him, it meant she shared feelings of him similar to his own of her. Her actions had hinted at such, but now that He knew they seemed so.. "Obvious."

He spread his wings, and launched himself through the air towards her, fully intent on pursuing His feelings for her. But He had to do one things first... I really need to get her name.

He realized that He had lost sight of her. It had only been a moment, She couldn't have gone far. He slowed to a stop, drawing his wings back into his cloak. He dragged his gaze around the forest, peering through, around, and in the trees to find her.


She gave herself away, hidden inside a hollow tree. He approached it, leaned against it's bark, and said the only thing that came to his mind. "Hey."

Not the smoothest thing he's ever said, but His heart still beat frantically from knowing how She felt. Though the startled scream that came from within the hollow helped calm him.

"Oh... H-Hi..." Came her voice. He thought she might try to run again, but the only exit was through him. And He was not letting her get away.

Even still, he moved so that she could leave the trunk. "Come out here." He called, holding out a hand to help her.

She took his hand, but avoided his gaze when she was out and played with her fingers as an excuse.

He inquired as to what was wrong, attempting to bring her to say it on her own. As He expected, she avoided it with a blush. "N-Nothing..."

He decided to take the first step and make it easier on her. "I already know." He stepped closer to her. "So why not just say it?"

Did He dare? Could He follow through with the hammering desire, with the craving he had for her? He brought his hands around her, his lips to hers.

Though His world was true darkness behind his closed eyes, He was anything but blind. His every fiber was alive and burning with her contact. His lips and heart hungry for more of her. His cheek wet with her tear...

What? Why is she crying? He squeezed her lightly, letting her know that everything was alright. That there was no need to cry.

She pulled away, looking into his eyes, . "I-It's not safe to be with me like this..." Another tear fell and she looked away from his gaze.